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1-800-Therapist is leveraging its unique brand two innovative ways: enabling behavioral health providers to maximize their new patient marketing budgets and sub-licensing its brand to streamline existing patient communications. Their primary solutions connect consumers seeking to schedule appointments with relevant behavioral health providers and enable patients to engage in tele-therapy sessions with their provider.

The Company believes its economic opportunity spans a shift in marketing budgets, reengineering appointment work-flow processes and from deploying innovative tele-therapy services. They deliver their services to consumers, patients and behavioral health providers through their RingingNow platform that integrates proprietary and third-party technologies and work-flow models.

The Company is focused on leveraging its brand to increase consumer awareness, expanding its national provider network, and enhancing the breadth of tele-therapy services.

1-800-Therapist's superior user experience enriches the relationship between patients and behavioral health providers. They believe investing in world-class technology solutions will empower millions of patients to easily schedule appointments and privately access tele-therapy services. their content and voice portals enable secure, private communications between patients and their behavioral health provider.

Over the last 30 years, 1-800-Therapist has grown to become a trusted brand by both patients and behavioral health professionals. Extending this trust to the Internet and Mobile Web will create measurable marketing value for 1-800-Therapist's Network Members.

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