DELETE Techniques

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DELETE Techniques, Dr. Luann
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DELETE Techniques

With twenty-seven years in private practice, Dr. Luann specializes in brief therapies, such as DELETE Techniques.

These therapies address anxiety, worry, depression, adjustment, fears, post-traumatic stress (PTSD), and communication issues affecting individuals, families, couples, and groups. Her eclectic theoretical approach utilizes behavioral, cognitive, redecision, short-term Techniques, and rapid response processes.

When somebody perceive a situation as dangerous, they naturally become anxious. If the perceived danger is real, that's okay. But when they have feelings of dread and apprehension without sufficient or specific cause, they feel anxious most of the time. Such anxiety itself becomes a cause for concern.

In many cases, unwarranted feelings of anxiety are acquired responses (habits), which have been programmed by previous experience, imagination and instructions.

For instance, many children are afraid of the dark. These programmed feelings of fear and anxiety become an automatic response and are carried unconsciously into later years. But these programmed feelings of anxiety can be eliminated.

The DELETE Techniques, put simply, are a guided conversation with Dr. Luann that starts with you expressing your anxiety, fears, and worry. Dr. Luann takes a careful inventory of these, asking a series of simple questions that easily and quickly help you to clarify your thinking. For example:

  • How strong are the feelings attached to your thoughts?
  • Do you want to change, retain, or delete the feeling, and why?
  • Is this thought or feeling hurting or helping you?

The focus of the conversation moves along rapidly. The upshot of this process is a reorientation of your thoughts, feelings and beliefs causing your original anxiety, fears, and worry to dwindle, disappear, and are DELETED quickly.

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