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Dr. Tal
16542 Ventura Blvd. #302
Encino, CA 91436
United States
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Dr. Tal

My mission is your personal growth. As a positive psychologist, I design our sessions focusing on encouraging you to identify and develop your own positive emotions, positive experiences and positive traits. Initially our work includes your most pressing concerns, but my overall treatment plan nurtures that which is best within you. We study your strengths and virtues and tailor new ways to use your resources and achieve your goals. In a safe atmosphere, we remove obstacles, change unhelpful thinking patterns and unsupportive behaviors, all in an effort to enhance your happiness.
By encouraging you to live authentically, I believe you will embark on an amazing journey of self-discovery and change. I do not just sit, listen and nod my head; I actively engage, making our therapy a collaborative work which aims at increasing your overall potential!
In addition to individual and group therapy, I offer a workshop about Happiness, which I invite you to check further details on my website. My services are conducted in the traditional office setting and also Online (i.e. Skype). Contact me today, and claim your birthright, your right to be happy!
Happier Being Workshop. I believe that every human being can become a happier being! Indeed, improved happiness produce far more benefits than simply feeling good; it has shown to better health, weight, relationships, productivity and success. Thus, it is the learning of how to increase your happiness that will result in improved life satisfaction and well-being. Come join us and learn how to assess your "happiness profile", learn the state-of-the-art "happiness exercises", unite with your "optimal self", and free yourself from the web of limiting beliefs. Design individualized plan to amplify your natural capacity to increase positive emotions, joy, passion and gratitude. I invite you to visit my website to learn more.

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