Gregory E. M. Yuen M.D. Inc.

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Gregory E. M. Yuen M.D. Inc.
1188 Bishop Street Suite 806
Honolulu, HI 96813
United States
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Gregory E. M. Yuen M.D. Inc.

Dr. Greg Yuen is a psychiatrist who treats the full spectrum of psychiatric conditions, including depression and anxiety, and specializes in chronic pain management, relationships, death and dying, and spiritual issues.

At the age of twelve, the death of Dr. Greg Yuen's grandmother launched she's on a quest for the elixir of eternal life. Short of finding that perfect elixir, she have integrated her formal Western medical training with her strong interest in complementary and alternative medicine to gain expertise in the areas of psychology, relationships, nutrition, body work, and taichi. All of this experience blends to focus on the challenge to totally transform the level of health and happiness on the planet. She dedicated to her own personal development and to sharing her growing insights and creative resources. Her focus is on self-health and total health for individuals and groups.

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