Howard A. Grey, Ph.D

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Howard A. Grey, Ph.D
18740 Ventura Boulevard Suite100
Tarzana, CA 91356
United States
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Howard A. Grey, Ph.D

Howard A. Grey practice provides a full range of counseling and psychotherapeutic services to adults and children with problems affecting personal adjustment, marital relationships, parent-child interaction, family relationships and the work place.

Among those who come into his practice are people who feel: lonely, moody or depressed; fearful or anxious and unable to concentrate; insecure, shy or of little worth; unable to cope with problems at work or at home; difficulty adjusting to changes, new situations or the loss of loved ones. Or people who are troubled by: marital problems or divorce problems-including child custody, adoption, or stepfamily issues; sexual problems; problems overusing or abusing drugs or eating problems; and many others.

A safe confidential environment for exploring and expressing your feelings and thoughts, and a compassionate listener who will really try to hear and help you.

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