Jeffrey S. Kaye, Ph.D.

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Jeffrey S. Kaye, Ph.D.
844 California Street
San Francisco, CA 94108
United States

Jeffrey S. Kaye, Ph.D.

Jeffrey S. Kaye a licensed psychologist with years of experience offering counseling and psychotherapy. She have helped many, many people, who were struggling with the stresses or overwhelming problems life can often present, who needed hope and support, as well as those seeking therapy on a journey of deeper self-understanding.

She believe in change, personal growth and healing, not in the stigmatizing labels and assembly-line, "medicate-them-and-out-the-door" policies of modern managed care or HMO practice. Psychotherapy must be non-judgmental. At its best, it should relieve us of the intolerable feelings or suffering that are our symptoms. It should provide hope for a better and freer life, and lower our burden of guilt and blame. This is true whether the problem is anxiety, depression, substance abuse, or relationship issues, like intimacy and couples communication.

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