Joan Baggett, MSW, LCSW

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Joan Baggett, MSW, LCSW (Portland)
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Joan Baggett, MSW, LCSW

Joan Baggett earned her Bachelor's degree in Social Work from California State College at Long Beach. She received her MSW from California State University Fresno. Shortly after this she moved to Baltimore, Maryland, where she went to work as a Medical Social Worker in an acute care hospital. After a few years she was invited to help set up the first hand trauma unit in the US. For the next six years she helped establish the role of Psychiatric Social Worker in the Raymond M. Curtis Hand Trauma Center.

During this time she studied hypnosis, both traditional hypnotherapy and Ericksonian, and she began to use these techniques with hand patients as an alternative to pain medications. Many patients were trapped in "the cycle of pain", i.e. more pain leading to more medication, leading to more pain, leading to more medication, etc. This experience helped me learn a great deal about post-traumatic stress and begin to see the connection between mind, body and spirit.

Her experiences taught her much about both the strengths and limitations of western medicine. In the fall of 1983 I expanded her private practice to full time and left her position at the hand center. She began her own personal exploration of alternative approaches to emotional healing. She also began to explore energetic healing methods. In 1984 I studied Mari-EL (a hands on healing technique) with Ethel Lombardi, a Reiki Master and founder of Mari-EL. (Here are links for an international directory of Reiki, NLP, and Time Line Therapy practitioners.)

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