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Katholieke Universiteit Leuven

Searching for the roots of the Leuven University, they six centuries back in time. The City requested a Leuven University and Duke John IV of Brabant gave its support. With a papal bull of December 9, 1425, the Leuven university as Studium Generale by Pope Martin V founded. The KULeuven is the oldest of the still existing catholic universities in the world. It is home of the oldest university in the Low Countries call.

Following the model of existing universities of Cologne, Paris and Vienna the Leuven University had originally four faculties: The Artes, Canon and Civil Law and Medicine. In 1432 the Faculty of Theology added. Today bloom one p.m. faculties and institute that treated a full range of disciplines and scientific disciplines provide.

In those days, the City Leuven Lakenhal available. That building in 1317 was for centuries before that time, assessment and the cloth weavers have their merchandise placed on the man. It soon became too small for the lectures. Today the building is the policy of the university center.

ErasmusIn the 16th century, the Louvain university first flourished and gained her world fame thanks to the presence of scholars and professors with names such as Adrian of Utrecht (Pope Adrian VI), Erasmus, Vives, Vesalius and Mercator. The presence of world-class researchers is a tradition to this day.

In its history of almost six centuries the Leuven University had periods of prosperity and adversity. In the 18th century it was under heavy pressure from a growing state interference and in 1797 lifted the French Republic on the old university. In 1816 the University opened its doors again as a Leuven University, founded by King William I of the United Netherlands.

The Belgian bishops founded in 1834 in Mechelen a Catholic University. But in 1835 it came back to the familiar Leuven, where the University was abolished. The reality of the Belgian language issue, of Flemings and Walloons, reflected in the subsequent history of the Leuven Alma Mater. In 1911 started the Dutchification in the Leuven university education. In 1936 one could find that most colleges in parallel Dutch and French were taught.

In the period that a colony of Belgium in Africa are carried out, was there by the Catholic University of Leuven 'University Lovanium "founded in 1954.

Since July 11, 2002 is an event the Association KULeuven. Thirteen Flemish higher education combine their forces together within the Association to take a strong position in the new European education landscape.

The KULeuven Association was established in the framework of the European Bologna Declaration was signed in 1999 by the European Ministers of Education. The aim of 'Bologna' is the quality and transparency of higher education courses across the business and the exchange of students, teachers, knowledge optimization.

Mission Statement:
The Catholic University of Leuven, founded in 1425, is a Flemish university with a Catholic inspiration and an international orientation. She has the status of freedom of establishment.

By organizing the bachelor and master initial contributes to the KULeuven broadest possible participation of Flemish youth to quality university education in an environment that is intellectually stimulating, socially supportive and student-friendly, she focuses also on new audiences.

Furthermore it shall focus attention to the training of young researchers, mainly through the doctorate, and offers them in a number of knowledge domains-after master-master and postgraduate courses in, aimed at broadening and deepening of knowledge.

Besides teaching and research, the KULeuven other important assignments in the field of social service: service in critical states her expertise with governments, organizations and businesses, health care is a particular way, and with respect for human dignity, realized in the university hospitals.

As a Flemish university KULeuven promotes the participation of the Flemish people with technological and cultural wealth of the world and helps them, along with other Dutch universities, the culture and spiritual life develop.

As an internationally oriented university, KULeuven is the heiress of an ancient tradition of hospitality towards foreigners. Through an intense academic cooperation and exchanges of teachers and students contribute actively to transfer its knowledge and the enrichment of science and culture in Europe and the world.

The KULeuven fulfills this mission, in its unique atmosphere at its campuses Leuven in Leuven and Kortrijk, along with its alumni and with regional and national community.

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