Merlin Foundation

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Merlin Foundation (Michelle Steiner, LPN Executive Director)
104 W. Third Street
Green Forest, AR 72638
United States
(870) 438-KIDS
(870) 553-2356
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Merlin Foundation

The Merlin Foundation was established in 1993 as a 501 (c)(3) public supported nonprofit charity to provide assistance to victims of child abuse, rape, and domestic violence in the Ozark Mountain region of Northwest Arkansas.

During the past ten years, the Foundation has created several alliances in cooperation with other nonprofit organizations and governmental agencies to enhance the services to the victims of these tragic crimes. In September of 2000, Ozark Rape Crisis Center took over the operation of all rape crisis response in the region. In August of 1999, Harmony House, Inc. "Shelter Systems" took over the operations for domestic violence victims in the county. In December of 2002, Harmony House, Inc. ceased operations. Shelter services were taken over by the "Sanctuary", of Harrison, and "Project for Victims of Family Violence", of Fayetteville. In 2003, victim advocacy services were provided by "St. John's Hospital", of Berryville. A cooperative effort by all to support those in need.

This has allowed the Foundation to re-focus its' full efforts on the children in the region and to expand the policy center to a national level while honoring its commitment to serve the victims of both sexual assault and domestic violence in the region. Serving and advocating for children, coupled with local human service programs, has become the sole mission of the Foundation with a special focus on the family.

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