The Philadelphia Children’s Alliance

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The Philadelphia Children’s Alliance (Growth and Development)
42 South 15th, Suite 300
Philadelphia, PA 19102
United States
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The Philadelphia Children’s Alliance

The Philadelphia Children’s Alliance, an independent non-profit organization, promotes healing and justice for child abuse victims in Philadelphia by conducting state of the art forensic interviews, providing victim support services and collaborating with other agencies to facilitate an integrated response.

The Children's Alliance accomplishes this mission by bringing police, child protective services social workers, prosecutors, medical and mental health professionals, and victim advocates to its facility, where they participate in a team interview process with the child victim and his/her family. The strength of this process lies in the multi-disciplinary team approach and the Alliance’s highly skilled, experienced child forensic (investigative) interviewers who coordinate the team and facilitate the interview process in a neutral and objective manner.

The Alliance aids healing for victims by conducting crisis counseling, support and education groups for parents, self-esteem building groups for child victims, court education and court accompaniment. The staff can also arrange referrals for counseling and other social services that a family may need to return to a healthy, productive lifestyle.

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