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Talk About Sleep

Talk About Sleep is a service organization dedicated to information and awareness regarding sleep issues. Its methodology is to assemble an international sleep community consisting of individuals, physicians, commercial interests, and others to create a unified voice on sleep related matters and to channel market resources into sleep related pursuits. Moreover, Talk About Sleep seeks to educate the public at large, and the medical community in particular, to increase the number of sleep diagnoses. In this way, sleep disorders will be brought into the medical mainstream and the damage from this devastating family of medical disorders will be minimized.

To provide an "all in one place" online destination where patient, medical practitioner, healthcare professionals, academic, researcher and vendor members of the sleep community can share ideas, concerns, experiences, and to enhance their knowledge on sleep-related issues.
To codify the existing sleep knowledge base into an efficient data retrieval and use model. To serve as a catalyst in advancing sleep disorder awareness and function as a guide to proper diagnosis, treatment, and compliance.

Values Statement:
As a small, but dedicated team of professionals, the TALK ABOUT SLEEP family holds the following values at the core of its business philosophy:

  • Service to their fellow man
  • Integrity
  • A creative approach to all challenges
  • Efficiency in thought and action
  • Teamwork in all we do and accomplish

These values serve to promote a culture of continuous quality improvement and to guide their daily activities and interactions. Their motto indicates their patient support philosophy: "One by one, they will get it done".

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