How do you know if you're depressed?

People who are depressed generally know that something is wrong, even frighteningly wrong. But sometimes they and those around them do not identify their problem as depression. Out of lack of awareness of what depression consists of or an aversion to admitting a mental or emotional illness, they see themselves as suffering from stress, fatigue, or overwork or even a physical disease.

Depression is a constellation of symptoms that varies from person to person. If you have at least five of the symptoms listed below for at least two weeks -- and they are not clearly caused by a medical disorder, drug use, or bereavement -- then you very likely have an episode of major depression:

  • A depressed mood (often noticeably different from low moods previously experienced; an indescribable psychic pain or anguish).
  • A pervasive and sometimes profound loss of interest in usual activities.
  • (One of these first two symptoms must be included for the diagnosis.)
  • Loss of appetite; significant weight loss.
  • Insomnia or excessive sleep.
  • Physical slow down or agitation.
  • Lack of energy; fatigue.
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness that may be of delusional proportions.
  • Poor concentration; indecisiveness.
  • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicidal ideas, plans, or attempts.

Many other symptoms can occur, such as hopelessness, a dismal view of the future, distorted judgment, decreased sexual interest, constipation, and bodily aches and pains. Depressive symptoms can occur in subtle and mild forms. It is best to recognize and begin to treat depression before it is full-blown.

Anyone who is depressed, or possibly depressed, should get a medical evaluation. Sometimes medical illnesses such as hypothyroidism can cause depression and should be ruled out.

Depression is highly treatable. Treatment can sometimes be done by primary physicians, if they have the experience and interest. If your depression is severe or not responsive to treatment, you should see a psychiatrist.

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A message for all of you: Please Don't feel alone.

This is a message to all you men, women and teenagers. From reading through a lot of your posts I see a strong connection that you all feel alone and in pain but you're not. Life can be difficult and we can feel lonely but it doesn't mean that we are alone.

By all means I'm not a professional but I have been there.... Where I was so sad that I didn't want to feel anything anymore and I just wanted to drown myself into my own shame but after coming through all of that pain I can see that I have family and friends who love me and care. Just remember that this world is a better place with you in it so if any of you are serious about hurting yourselves or ending your pain please please talk to someone... You may be surprised at how understanding your family are of what you are going through and your sorrow is nothing to be embarrassed of as your family are there to support you but if you feel uncomfortable talking to them then maybe seek out a school counselor or therapist or a helpline.

If someone is bullying you generally it's their problem.. I was bullied a lot in high-school with endless phone calls taunting me and telling me that if I hung up they would kill me and it was terrifying and it was because one of the girls crushes liked me, so messed up, so one day I had enough and I spoke out to my mum and she answered the phone for me... After that I was never bothered again. And sometimes you just feel sad and you don't know why - there are many social, physical and psychological reasons so seeking out help from a professional can be a step towards feeling normal again.

I know that for those of you girls or boys in school that it seems like your world is too heavy on your shoulders but its not because one day you won't be at school anymore and you will be happy leading a great fulfilling life. Also if you are considering drowning your pain in drugs and alcohol it won't help trust me.. It just numbs the pain for a little while and then you feel 10 times worst, please remember that there is light at the end of this dark tunnel you feel stuck in.

The strongest healer is the power to talk, so open your mouth and let someone close to you know.

Depressed or Not?

  • I am 12 and I don't know if I am going through depression or not:/ I started cutting because I realized it take my pain away ...
  • In school I'm happy and it's okay (my marks are not the best)
  • I don't really talk to my family members that much I'm normally in my room and sometimes I feel worthless.. :(
  • My friend (I think she's my friend) we used to be close and I haven't really told her about my 'Personal Life' but we're not that close anymore though..cause this other girl came:/
  • I sort of enjoy school (little bit) but when I enter my house I'm always in a bad mood..
  • I'm that kind of person who is on and off...
  • I don't know If I'm depressed... :'(

I've been there

I'm a 30 something year old Mom now but when I was your age, I was like you. I felt empty, alone, and began cutting. I didn't know why. I was depressed but felt alone, no one knew, and I felt like no one would understand. Times are different now. Do you have a teacher, counselor, friend or other adult to talk with? A coach, someone you trust who will listen. I needed someone to just listen to me when I was your age. I needed some nudging because I was stubborn and I wish I there had been an Internet then so I could have posted for help. You can and you did. You need to talk to someone. You are going to be ok. There is so much ahead of you. I can't imagine my life without my kids. I couldn't envision it at age 12. I encourage you to find that one person you trust and let it out. Let them know. I wish you well.

I feel so alone

I'm only 14 and I know for a fact that I have severe teen depression. Its been really hard this past year. I don't really know why I am sad so much, I just am. I feel so alone and like nobody will ever understand me. I have practically no friends and all I do is sleep. Im never in a good mood anymore. I want to tell my mom exactly how I feel but when I start, I feel like she doesn't care. I could barely say how I feel without crying. I have a panic attack just thinking about what I would say to someone if I told them. Every time I try to talk about this with my best friend, I feel like she loses interest and zones out. Yet she doesn't get why I don't tell anyone what I'm feeling. Sometimes i feel so worthless that I just want to run away and never look back. Suicide sounds tempting sometimes, but I still have hopes and dreams. I don't believe in self harm because I know it wont change anything, all it does is make it worse. My parents are so oblivious to how I feel, even though I literally lock myself away in my room all day. I stay up most of the night, sleep a few hours, go to school, take a long nap, and repeat. Ive tried writing in a diary to help let it out, but it hasn't been helping me in anyway. Ive considered seeing a therapist or doctor, but how do I do that when I cant even tell my parents whats wrong?

Things get better!

You know I went through it seems what you did; I am 22 years old now and I feel better than ever because when I used to sleep all the time and cry seriously I was very sensitive my dad is a lawyer/marine so he would get mad call me a retarded woman. I honestly thought my life was going to be me fat, lonely. I even had to go through a very abusive relationship and custody battle so I got very depressed even just last year. But when I just stopped and got up started going jogging everyday just for an hour sometimes or a walk it made me feel so good. You should try it it sounds dumb but it works. And I love horses so I met a new best friend by joining a group for showing and it is a great rush and just clears your mind. You are 14 just wait when you turn 18 and independence comes rolling your going to be a lot happier so if you are feeling crappy go for a drive and listen to music or whatever you like. But right now just hang in there and try to get off this I sleep all day stay awake at night routine that can cause depression because your way off schedule and you probably feel like crap all day because of it. I hope this helps!

You are not alone

I feel like this all the time I would wanna be your best friend but if you don't tell your parents or anyone at all it will get worst I'm 12 years old I cry like every moment I am starting to think wtf no one cares about me are not the only teem who feel like this and just ask God to take you out of this funk it wont work right away but it takes time and faith :)

Im 12, I have been bullied

Im 12, I have been bullied for a long time now, and its unbearable, just when I thought I was getting my life back on track, the bullies started again. I now get really pissy, and upset very easily, I always stick up for my self when im getting bullied because my friends just run away and leave me, at home I feel lonely I have siblings and a lovely mum, but I feel as if im not loved by anyone, I have thought of suicide and self harm. I need help, please help me I don't know what to do anymore I cry all the time over the most pathetic things, I feel like im going mental

im 15 and i think im depressed

I've taken tests from places like the NHS and like 4 from American scientists, I've been through this list and even asked some people who go through depression, I'm like them. All my test have said that for major depression I'm 'high' and maybe bipolic. i really want help, I don't think I want my family or friends to know...

Difficult cycle

Hello, I would like to share a bit of my story. When I was 10 I was diagnosed with anorexia because.of my obsession with models and looks. I was hospitalized for four months and luckily, it ended when I was 13 years old completely. I started to notice that some times I got moody and cried for no reason or some at times as well. I went through therapy ever since I became anorexic but left it for a tine after my recovery until depression and anxiety came along. Ive struggle with it ever since I recovered from my previous psychological disease, but right now I still am trying to cope with depression and anxiety. I take medications and now almost 18 I still feel not lije when I was 9 or those previous years when there was light in my life. I dont know why but I cant smile or let myself be happy without previously crying. I know this is bizarre and not what an almost adult shoukd feel like. I also believe that because Ive been struggling with all of this, time has not passes for me. Sometimes I get my age confused or simply dont believe how fast everything changes when I am tge only one who can't. I dont want to blame it on my parents or anyone and perhaps because I do that Im often blaming it on myself. I really wish for someone to tell me that it's okay and that I am actually not the only who does this. I cant honestly not evwn once laugh without feeling guilty and that I'm commiting a sin for trying to live my life. How to break apart from this endless cycle?


I am 24 years old everytime i feel depressed i become so furious and don't want to talk to anyone plz help me

I am alone

i think that i have been depressed for far to long. i am getting to a point where i imagine how i would die every second. i have attempted to kill myself. i am afraid to go ask for help because i am afraid that everyone is going to judge me. i have to put on a fake personality to make everyone else happy and i have no time to make myself happy how can i..i can imagine anything to make me happy because i am just waiting to die. for example i will be sitting in my friends car just waiting and waiting for the right time to just jump out of their car and usually i would imagine i would be on a highway full of cars just getting hit after another and another and another. i will also imagine if i take a razor blade and just hit a vein just right will i just bleed slowly and painfully. i want to fix myself but i am to afraid


Hey I feel the same way fell like no one care an it hard to really talk about an you don't know really who is true out there.

Don't be afraid to ask for

Don't be afraid to ask for help, start off small if it helps. start off telling one of your closest friend who won't judge you, if they judge you then you're better off without them. go get help because you never know, if you kill yourself you might be the reason why someone is still living, (they might not tell you but its possible) if you kill yourself what are they going to do. think about it. live because you have hope that you're someone's reason for not taking that blade and hitting the vein.

Doctor cool thanks for the help

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What Do I Have?

i remember being that girl with a smile across her face, but know i feel like i have completly changed i get mad and pissed easily, i cry for little things. sometimes i feel very happy and want to try everything and help everyone then the next day i feel so depress and i just want to lay in my bed and cry. i dont talk much anymore my parents and siblings say im becoming a bad person with an attitude. when my sister trys to go to my room i scream at her and tell her to get out. i dont reliaze but i hurt her she runs off crying and goes tells my mom. i dont feel like eating , i just eat like not even half of a sandwhich just one bite and i get full. i feel like throwing up whenever i finish eating so rather just eat a little. recently i began cutting myself i have scars on my arm. i wrote on my left one ALONE becasue thats how i feel, i feel ike im not wanted in this world. ive never thought of suicide but who know maybe ill try that next. idk whats wrong with me. the only thing that calms me down is music but thats just for a little while. someone help? im only 13 im about to turn 14 in november.

Should I Go Talk To A Doctor and Get Help?

i know i might sound young, I'm about to turn 14 and ever since i moved to my new school, i have felt so sad and depressed. i admit its hard for me to start a conversation , ive always been a quiet girl. but not that quiet i dont talk much in school no one even knows me. its like im invisible. i sit alone in the gym and at lunch. in class i seat in the very back just to hide from everyone. lately i felt so sad i cry for the littlest things. whenever my parents get in an argument my dad takes it all on me. im not that girl who always had a smile anymore. i just lay there in my room and cry for hours. my mom always gets mad at me cause i dont eat, but i just dont feel hungry anymore. with al this depression i began cutting my self. across my arm i wrote ALONE because thats how i feel. i feel like no one cares for me. i think im better of dead. i really hate to see myself doing this . i really miss the old me and i know my friends do too, i even started to avoid them. i told one of my friends and when i was about to tell her i just broke down in tears:( all im asking is do i need help should i go talk to a doctor and get help? if anyone has any advice for me, please help me.

i dont know whats wrong

I’ve never really gotten on with my mum so family life can be upsetting, especially when I’m not talking to my dad or sister. I am always in my room or somewhere away from everyone else most of the time. When I was 15 I had my first you could call it serious relationship but I started to get paranoid as he wasn’t really one to be trusted. He was four years older and my first older boyfriend at that and I heard that two of my friends were going to try break us up. Any ways that ended and so did 3 other friendships with the girls, 2 who I’ve known for a very long time. I started getting worked up with the slightest of things and more paranoid about what my other friends thought about me. I was never one to cry but since then it’s like I never stop, when I am alone of cause. When we sorted things out and became friends again things started getting worse. Everyone would make fun at the fact me and my ex wasn’t together and some started to try and make me jealous. They still do that today.. We were on and off till a few months ago so I’m still getting the banter. I feel like I can’t trust anyone as they’ve all given a reason not to trust, and I need someone to talk to most nights when I’m in my room by myself but there’s no one to listen. Maybe I’m just a sensitive person but I’ve just become such an angry person also, it’s just the little things that get me most so when it’s really bad then I find it hard to go to school and keep a happy face on. Its weird how im crying just writing this. I’m 16 and I just want to find out if there’s anything wrong so I can get help and back to my old bubbly self

i feel the same

I feel the same I'm certain cases I to long for some one to talk to ad it's like I'm lost in my own life, I'm 12 years old ad it's alot to handle for a middle school kid... I some times spazz on my grand mother for small things then just today I cried because I don't want to b angry it just happen. I'm glad sum one understands plz hit me up on my E-mail wen u see this.

From what I have gathered of

From what I have gathered of what has been said, it sounds like a bunch of drama. Let me just say that I to am a sensitive person and used to be real bad about what people thought about me. Just don't let them get to you with trying to make you jealous, or just trying to make you mad. It's not worth getting worked up over trust me. A little bit of advice that was past down to me is that prayer helps the soul and I think it holds true so I will pray for you that you will overcome all these situations that you are dealing with. Don't let people bring you down. There isn't anything wrong with you, just don't let what people say get to you.


I have also suffered from depression ... at first I was to embarassed to say so but now I have dealt with it but that was two summers ago :) I'm going to be 16 this summer and life is well better ! I want you to know that. it does get better if you try to work through it :/ it was hard at first to find something to look forward to ... I suggest get knew friends as hard as it is it doesn't seem like they are doing much to help you then I also suggest for you to patch things up with your family ! if you need someone to talk I wouldn't mind talking to you who better to talk to then someone who went through the same thing something I find ironic thoug is now I want to be a psychologist so I could figure out how tohelp other people like me well I hope things have improved with you - Nura

Is this depression

Im not sure if i have depression, i think i do but im scared to ask for help. I do get suicidal thoughts i cut myself (sometimes) i dont really eat much. I dont really find joy in many things i used to, is that just me growing up or depression

Definately depression !!

Definately depression !! Please speak up and get help ...cutting yourself and having suicidal thoughts is not normal and ashame you cant see how great you are and what life has to offer you. Good news is , there is lots of people like you , but dont speak up and end up dead ir spiralling out of control brave and see a doctor ...there is no shame , all you can do is be yourself and honest

Living in a fantasy world

I'm 19 and i know I'm not myself from high school days my second year in high school its like my classmates took my life away and up to this day its like they still have my life i was Being called names behind my back without knowing so the day came when it was said to my face i cried for the rest of the years That i had left in high school and up until this day i stil cry its really Sad how Much i am hurt because its like They told people on the streets and i could'nt walk home in peace i went home every evenling crying and from That day until how its like my concentration is really poor i cant remember That wel i failed all my Cxc subjects and i know i failed everyone and That make me want to hurt myself I'm always weak i cant eat alot its like I'm always full without eating i sleep like 5 hours a day some where on my body always hurts and for some reason i dont know what makes me happy because everyday of my life i look back i regret Being apart of this world . I look in the sky just to remember That some out there loves and cares for me but That stil changes Nothing i didn't live with a Caring family so i had to be strong off my own which was hard my mom showed me That she cares but she was far away. I'm proud of myself because i know what a strong young lady i am in my own way but still what hurts the most to see your 'friends' Moving on with there lives and you dont know which way to go ?

i dont even know.

Well, im a girl. im 13, im depressed. I cut myself every night, i like the pain. it makes me feel more alive. Im always excluded from school or getting in trouble, i think i just want some attention. Ive recently started smoking cannabis, ive smoked since i was about 8, but cannabis is a regular routine for me now. Drugs and alcohol and razor blades are my only friends. Im always smiling, nobody knows how i feel. not one single fucking person, they wouldn't care nor understand. I want help, but im not the sort of person to ask for help. Im the sort of 'hard' type of person, i pretend nothing bothers me yet it eats me alive. My energy gone, i have no time for anyone or anything, i don't know what to do. Everything so confusing, i feel like its too late to ask for help anyway, im dying...slowly but surely. Im determined to recover by myself. It also annoys me, school. it really annoys me. None of my teachers realize how much there words hurt; 'delinquent' , 'never going to get anywhere in life', 'you think you can do what you want', 'you waste my time', 'you are being ungrateful now', 'your far behind everyone else, grow up and answer the questions yourself'. They words will stick with me forever, they will fucking haunt me until im in my deathbed, and my deathbed is just about already made.

I'm 13 and depressed like

I'm 13 and depressed like you. But the thing is that I made a promise and that was not to injure myself.I see it all the time, people cutting themselves. I've only did it one time but it didn't hurt. If I tell my mom she won't believe me because she's the kind of person who brushes things off and say 'oh well'. I'm very sensitive. I just came home from school and I was crying today but I don't know why. I get really freaking annoyed so I won't talk to anyone won't ask for help. I just really don't know whats wrong with me. I'm thinking that I'm bipolar or something but I believe its something more than that. Me and you will have to get help sometime but ....when? I'm scared of what will happen in the future but then I just pray and hope that the world will end or something. It's a really shitty thing I know and most of the time I don't care about anyone or anything. I just bury myself in music all day but one day that won't help and I might snap....I just hope we make the right decisions about what we need to do. ~ D.O


I'm afraid I may be depressed.I feel worthless throughout most of my day. I fake a smile and good attitude around people, but I kinda want someone to notice something is wrong. I put myself down with thoughts in my head and have made myself cry before because of putting my self down. I don't even play xbox anymore when I used to 24/7. No matter what I accomplish I feel like its not enough and not worth anything. I have a good life and loving parents, and I'm not sure I'm depressed as much as I just have low self-esteem.

Hey, you sound just like my

Hey, you sound just like my daughter and like me when I was younger. hold on there, good time will come for sure. think at the positive side - u r smart, beautiful and your parents love and support you. you will find yourself one day and be happy and fulfilled with your live. just love yourself the way u r now and try to improve your life little by little.

Is this depression?

I used to cut myself to let go of helped...but then I stopped once I told my bestfriend. But she wasn't helping...she was calling me Stupid for doing it in the first place! But no one ever understands why I started it in the first place. I've stopped eating from three times a day to once a day. I cry every night wishing to die and that I don't deserve to live anymore. I don't know whats wrong with me...I've stopped talking to my family.

I need help....

So it all started since I was 10yrs old, I been noticing that I had no interest in anything. I started eating a lot because of bullying and thinking that I'm fat made me eat even more...what happened when I was 10 changed how I felt for everything. I was raped. My family still doesn't know only my closest friends.I'm 14 now and I'm a freshmen in high school. I always see couples in the hallways and I always think to myself that I'm ugly and I'll never have that. I do self harmed, and had thought about suicide. Being raped was the main reason I am depressed but I don't want my family to feel pity on me nor my friends. What should I do?

some one who understands

Being raped is wrong and you shouldnt have to go threw thag by your self you need to tell your parents you need to get help. I was raped and the guy lie about it so they believe him over me.

13 and I think I'm depressed

I'm 13 and think I'm depressed. I miss 1 or 2 days of school a week and just lay in bed, I barely eat, and barely talk, can't sleep, and think that I cause bad things to happen to people. How do I tell my mom and how can I treat this, I hate being like this.

I think I'm depressed

I am 14 and just started my freshman year of high school. ever since middle school I always felt like someone was saying something nasty about me behind my back and it made me upset. I tried to brush it off but I didn't like the feeling. I felt sad all the time and then I met a boy. He made me happy, but then we both moved away at the end of the school year. I felt like I was falling in an endless spiral. I thought constantly that no one would care if I was gone. I have thought many times about suicide but I knew it would hurt my mom and dad too much. i haven't told my parents how I felt, but I did tell my godmother and she just brushed it off. I don't want the same response from my parents. Anytime i laugh or smile it feels fake. I saw myself with a group of my friends and thought I'm ugly and fat compared to them. I never anything except when I have to. I get four hours of sleep at most and I feel lonely and its not a good feeling. everyone always criticizing or complaining about something I do and I feel worthless, like I can't do anything right. I just want the pain to end, but I could never take my own life. I need help.

i dont know what to do

I really don't know what's wrong with me I have no reason at all to be depressed I just turned 16 im a cheerleader I have some friends a boyfriend. But lately I just fight with everyone and I'm so mean to my mom and I feel soso bad and I never want to do anything anymore. When I get invited to my friends house I just don't wanna go all I do is eat sleep and sit at home I cheer only twice a parents have been divorced for 5 years and its just now hitting me how much I miss my dad and how much I hate what he has become. There's so much more I feel but I cant explain but the worst part is that I have absolutely no one to talk to about it. I have one friend who knows I'm sad and thinks I should talk to someone but she doesn't even know everything. I'm so embarrassed to tell anyone even my mom idk why. I hate my life so much now. I used to have so so many friends and I seem to be down to about 3 and I'm so quiet and shy now around everyone except a few. But this is not the real me I'm not me anymore I don't even know who I am I just want to be me again. I want help but I have no one to ask. :'(

I'm sad most of the time, I

I'm sad most of the time, I cry a lot and I can't help it. I try and think positive but it doesn't last long. I'm in debt because I keep spending money, I can't keep on track with paying bills on time, I'm looking for a job, I keep getting rejected. My mum is always saying how I'm not good enough at anything. I messed up my degree because I found it hard to concentrate. All my friends have a good job a good degree I don't have either. My mum always calls me fat and ugly. I put on weight over the last few years. I have a great boyfriend but I'm scared he'll leave me because I'm so pathetic. I hate myself so much I wish I could be normal.

i feel alone

I moved from Chicago to Connecticut to be with my husband and i'm about to give birth. I don't have anything for the baby yet and my husband just got laid off work. He has been fishing since then wasting all the gas and money like we don't need it. And lately he doesn't want to take me with him and im stuck up here by myself...i don't know anyone around here. I don't even know if he really wants this.. im feel so alone and sad

I feel empty inside

i don't think i can do this anymore, i feel like i'm spiralling out of control. i've been crying for no apparent reason, i can't sleep properly, and i feel so ugly sometimes that i can't even look in the mirror.. let alone go outside. i'm only sixteen and i should be having the time of my life after completing my gcse's, but instead i've turned to drugs and self harm to numb my pain. i feel like i'm constantly dead inside and i struggle to feel emotion other than crying and pain, sometimes not even that. i've struggled with depression all my life and my childhood was pretty rough, my dad walked out on us when i was eight and i had to care for my mum when she was depressed. i got bullied for it, and when i finally did get over my last depression episode i got in trouble with the police, binge drinked and never came home. i only got my life back together last year and worked hard at my studies, all of my grades are above a B and i managed to make my life stable, but i disappointed my parents yet again. i feel like a failure to everyone. i can't turn to my family because they blame the drugs, but it has become an escape from reality for me as well as self harm. i cut my legs because i can hide the scars from everyone, and it makes my mental and emotional pain less intense. please help me. i must sound so screwed up, all i've ever wanted to be is normal. my depression is destroying me in every possible way, im losing everyone around me, and if i lose everyone i have nothing left to stick around for. help me.

im 19 and i don't know

I'm 19 years old and I really don't know what's wrong with me. I used to be an extremely happy person always smiling. But now I have to force myself to smile or laugh. I watch a movie and everyone else starts laughing so I laugh but it sounds so fake even to myself. I used to do really well in school but then I just stopped caring. I don't care about anything anymore. I feel so numb. I don't think about killing myself or committing suicide exactly. However, sometimes while I'm driving I do think about just flooring the gas and enjoying the adrenaline until something happens but I can't ever bring myself to do it. I feel like such a failure. I flunked pretty much every class in college mostly because I constantly slept instead of doing my homework or studying, i mean who cares. Finally I just dropped out so now I'm home with the family once again. A few weeks ago I went to a birthday party and I stayed with some friends for several nights. It was great to actually have some fun, drinking and smoking and making out with girls and just completely forgetting everything. Including letting my family know where I was or that I was okay or anything. They finally tracked my cell phone and found me. My dad the preacher was so mad when he found me drinking. That night I told him that I wanted to move out and I would have if he didn't threaten to call the cops and I almost told him I didn't care till he told me that my friends would go to jail too. I'm not that heartless yet but honestly I think I'm getting there. I just can't seem to care anymore

I'm comfused.

I don't know if I'm depressed or what my days vary I will go 3 days in a great mood then I will have a day were I fight with everyone and I cry all day and have suicidal thoughts and seriously want to hurt myself I have terrible nightmares all the time I sleep till noon everyday but the this is my depressed mood will last one day then be gone. Like I said I'm confused please help.

Not connecting...

I'm fifteen and a couple weeks ago I lost my best friend since third grade. I told her all my secrets. She moved seven months ago and I went to go visit her and she said to me that we grew apart. Now I feel as if all my feelings went to waste. My other best friend is visiting her sister for the summer and I haven't gotten the chance to tell her without her being worried. And my other best friend I'm too nervous to even talk to her about it. I don't like to talk about my feelings and I feel as if I can't connect to her or any one. I used to be such a happy person until my family and my social life went down. Now all I do is be desperate and try to find help on the Internet. Pathetic right? I need help if you can please reply to me... I'm in need of help.

I'm 17 and think I'm

I'm 17 and think I'm depressed! I tried killing myself when I was 11 and have thought about it many of times! I developed an eating disorder 3 years ago and self harmed! Then my mum got really ill and I have daily battles with my issues. I'm fed up of putting on a smile for my friends and family to make them happy with I'm dying inside! I'm too scared to say anything to my family cause my mums been through enough already and doesn't need my problems on top of that! I hardly sleep and just don't know what to do anymore. Please help me!!

im still thinking its a dream

So i dated a guy 1 year and a half younger than me, in the beginning i definitely didn't want to date him at all -.-. we broke up then and now about stupid reason, really pathetic, and last time we did seemed really serious .we got back and later the next day he told me, its actually better to be friends, simply because he doesn't know how to last long, and its weird for him, he wants to be able to mess around with girls and he doesn't want to cheat on me.but he wants me to be his best friend,and hell still give me a ride to work,...i didn't eat nothing yesterday but drank an apple im a try to put food in y mouth and not feel disgusted over coming it,the best way i can, i'm moving forward and no doubt looking back.

i am not interested anymore to talk with anyone

i hate to talk with people even my family members...i just that can i live alone??i have no more interest in favourite activities...sometimes i feel i am cry and cry in my room...and some other times i don't like like to eat anything...i just want that i will go very far away from my friends and everyone...sometime i feel very hopelessness.what i can do??:(

Profound sadness

I am 53 years old. I have suffered with depression as long as I can remember. I grew up in an impoverished family. I married a man who screwed around on me even before we were married (I didn't know until after the divorce). I have gone thru multiple relationships that are always left because I am such a downer. My kids live far away and I miss them profoundly. Every day is a new agony. Oh yeah, I also suffer from fibromyalgia and carpl tunnel, tendonitis, all of which have caused me to be unable to work. Why do I keep living ? Don't know but there must be something inside me that believes I will get better. I cannot keep lying to the world and smiling when all I want to do is cry and die. Help !!!!!!!

I feel like scum of humanity

Who I am

I am a failure at everything I do. I have tried many things which I cannot do. I fail at every sport I try. I have straight F's on all my classes. I am a convicted felon. I have absolutely no friends. What I do from the moment I wake up is eat and isolate myself in my room, stare at the ceiling and cry  for the rest of the day. I am only a consumer, I don't produce any kind of energy towards anyone or anything, and since I am a felon I can never get a job. I am a living structure of negative energy. Nobody likes me or even tries to talk to me. Every time I speak no one listens to me. I have absolutely no social skills. I am completely awkward. I am pathetic, I care too much of what is said about me, everything that is said is negative, that is if anything is said, I am virtually invisible to society. Every day I came back from school I lay in my room and listened to my brother and my mother talk shit about me. My parents complain constantly about my uselessness. My father has called me a beggar, all I do is ask for more and more, but I do not contribute to society. I have terrible hearing,  and coordination. I am only about 5 feet tall and weigh more than my father. I have no plans for the future, my father will be kicking me out when I turn 18. Everyone in my family looks at me like a useless pig, who comes out of his room to eat and ask for more.  I am told to believe in myself, but at this point I obviously can't. My 11:11 wishes are always for a painless death. I can write this without crying, because this is what goes on through my head every day. I don't know how much longer I can take this. This is the life I have led for as long as I can remember. I am only 15 years old.

Is this depression

Who I am

I am a failure at everything I do. I have tried many things which I cannot do. I fail at every sport I try. I have straight F's on all my classes. I am a convicted felon. I have absolutely no friends. What I do from the moment I wake up is eat and isolate myself in my room, stare at the ceiling and cry  for the rest of the day. I am only a consumer, I don't produce any kind of energy towards anyone or anything, and since I am a felon I can never get a job. I am a living structure of negative energy. Nobody likes me or even tries to talk to me. Every time I speak no one listens to me. I have absolutely no social skills. I am completely awkward. I am pathetic, I care too much of what is said about me, everything that is said is negative, that is if anything is said, I am virtually invisible to society. Every day I came back from school I lay in my room and listened to my brother and my mother talk shit about me. My parents complain constantly about my uselessness. My father has called me a beggar, all I do is ask for more and more, but I do not contribute to society. I have terrible hearing,  and coordination. I am only about 5 feet tall and weigh more than my father. I have no plans for the future, my father will be kicking me out when I turn 18. Everyone in my family looks at me like a useless pig, who comes out of his room to eat and ask for more.  I am told to believe in myself, but at this point I obviously can't. My 11:11 wishes are always for a painless death. I can write this without crying, because this is what goes on through my head every day. I don't know how much longer I can take this. This is the life I have led for as long as I can remember. I am only 15 years old.

I have a good life, why do I want to end it so bad?

I have a good life, a part time job, a good Christian family, an education, not a lot of friends but a good few. I have nothing to complain about....then why do I want to take my own life?
I'm in my last year of high school, but ever since starting high school I have always been under stress, exhaustion, lack of sleep and I suffer major mood swings. I can't stay awake in classes and put enormous pressure on myself that is unnecessary. This is due in part to my experiences in year seven. I was bullied for being top of many classes and since then have always felt that I have to do well or else others will think little of me. I am anti-social and can't help but feel isolated from the world; I feel loneliest in big groups and spend nights at parties and sleepovers secluded and feeling sorry for myself. All night of my year 10 formal I was crying in the bathroom. My mum always blames me for the 'stress I cause to the family' and whenever we fight I always fill worthless of living.
During year 7 I fell into depression and made plans to run away from home and/or kill myself. I would scratch and pick at the skin of my arms. Sometimes when no one was at home I'd go to the kitchen, pick up a knife and contemplate whether or not to get it over and done with already. The only thing I think that was holding me back is the fact that I am a Christian and consider suicide a sin, yet here I am once more seriously considering it!
I have just come out of my most recent fight with my mum and can still hear her bitching about me to the rest of my family outside. They think I'm crying in a corner feeling sorry for myself, what they don't know is I started scratching my arms again until they are raw and bloody tonight, and am here now sitting on the computer and looking up suicide methods. My parents never knew my plans for suicide back then, and just when I thought I got over it I am thinking of it again, and they still don’t know now. I’m afraid to tell them, scared that they won’t take it seriously and help me and will just think I’m a weak, wimp who feels sorry for herself.
Right now, besides my religious beliefs, I fear the only thing that is stopping me is the thought that I am not worthy of this form of escape, that I do not have it as bad as others, but when will that excuse not be enough to stop me anymore?
I just wanted to let all my thoughts out here, hope that it made me feel a little better.

Panicked, hopeless, always tired

I am so guilty and afraid and the one person I can trust to talk to about any of this is heavily linked to it all- and she is not only clinically depressed but I have stopped her from committing suicide, she's been emotionally and possibly physically abused and she has a history of mental problems. I am a Junior in high school and months away from having everything I've known and worked for in my life being swept out from under my feet. I can't tell anybody and I can't get help without putting my and my girlfriend's lives in danger so I've been watching and waiting to see whether we even have a chance of making it or not. I had bad panic attack recently, I have most of the symptoms of depression, and I have to keep telling myself to wait- that suicide is a last option and it would probably hurt worse. But I'm so tired and I hate everything that has happened and everything I feel like I've ruined. I've hurt myself before, not bad, and I try not to- but my libido is ruined, sex doesn't work as an escape anymore, I can't trust anyone without hurting the people I care about most, and I can't get away from the source of all of this without worrying about being hated and making my girlfriend's life so much worse. I see no way out of it all, I don't want to die I just don't want to hurt, but maybe if I did I would hurt less, I could finally get a good sleep. I'm no danger to myself yet, but my whole life feels like a ticking time bomb right now and I just needed to say this to someone I don't have to worry about hurting.

You know that if you commit

You know that if you commit suicide everyone around will feel sad , I am sure that so many people love you and care about you specially your girlfriend ! Don't ever thing of dying . I'm just 14 but I want to tell you to stay strong ! you news to apologies If you did anything wrong but if they don't wanna forgive you, Don't let anyone make you feel guilty !
You need to live your life man ! Just enjoy :)

Grown folk problems

I don't feel like I have a legitamate reason to complain. I have a husband and 4 children who adore me and I do them as well, but I find myself not being able to handle decision making tasks, I get insane panic attacks like today when rent is due and there is only $20 left for food and gas ,not to mention the other bills that are due but my kids need to eat first and foremost,I just look at them and think to myself "'I'm so sorry u guys have to eat peanut butter sandwiches all week" then I go to my room and cry uncontrollably until my ribs hurt, I don't go anywhere with anybody and when I absolutely have to go somewhere I feel very nervous and uneasy, I know something is wrong with me but I have no insurance and the "free clinic" docs just don't get it right, I have been diagnosed in the past with depression and have tried several different meds and they just don't seem to work for me. I'm at a total loss and I have no confidence that I will EVER get better!!

once your child

I was like one of your children once. I understood and became a great person. College/Family/Career/Community Leader. Don't give up. Let you children know so they will not think its their fault. Your kids are stronger then you think. :)

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