How do you know if you're depressed?

People who are depressed generally know that something is wrong, even frighteningly wrong. But sometimes they and those around them do not identify their problem as depression. Out of lack of awareness of what depression consists of or an aversion to admitting a mental or emotional illness, they see themselves as suffering from stress, fatigue, or overwork or even a physical disease.

Depression is a constellation of symptoms that varies from person to person. If you have at least five of the symptoms listed below for at least two weeks -- and they are not clearly caused by a medical disorder, drug use, or bereavement -- then you very likely have an episode of major depression:

  • A depressed mood (often noticeably different from low moods previously experienced; an indescribable psychic pain or anguish).
  • A pervasive and sometimes profound loss of interest in usual activities.
  • (One of these first two symptoms must be included for the diagnosis.)
  • Loss of appetite; significant weight loss.
  • Insomnia or excessive sleep.
  • Physical slow down or agitation.
  • Lack of energy; fatigue.
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness that may be of delusional proportions.
  • Poor concentration; indecisiveness.
  • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicidal ideas, plans, or attempts.

Many other symptoms can occur, such as hopelessness, a dismal view of the future, distorted judgment, decreased sexual interest, constipation, and bodily aches and pains. Depressive symptoms can occur in subtle and mild forms. It is best to recognize and begin to treat depression before it is full-blown.

Anyone who is depressed, or possibly depressed, should get a medical evaluation. Sometimes medical illnesses such as hypothyroidism can cause depression and should be ruled out.

Depression is highly treatable. Treatment can sometimes be done by primary physicians, if they have the experience and interest. If your depression is severe or not responsive to treatment, you should see a psychiatrist.

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i may be depressed still dont know

Well here goes nothing, I am 19 years old I am always thinking about death multiple times throughout the day, im always sad, I used to love sports, don't hardly like even watching them now, I drink alot more than most people I kno, I hardly sleep maybe 3 hours in a day with a 12+hour a day job, I think my family views me as a failure and nothing else, I feel like there's always something I have to do to please the shitty world I live in for nothing in return I've tried to kill myself more than once but could never pull myself to do it, I sure seem happy to my family but I feel dead inside, I hate life I want it to end so all the suffering I feel will just end,

You can not just say I hate

You can not just say I hate life ! You have to think of "why???"
You are just 19 ! Stop thinking about death !
Your parents know nothing about how you feel :(
But don't let them ruin your life ! You must have a goal in life and must have a reason why you are living ! Life is beautiful I you just appreciate what you just have ! Trust me there you don't know what will happen on the future ! Maybe everything will be better ! Don't be hopeless !
An don't do that to your self, stop thinking about death please !! You will heart everyone around you ! And me :(

Am I or Not

Hey, I know this doesn't help much but I need to speak to someone... I am 15 turning 16 on the 24 of June, this month, I'm always sad and small things people say can upset me such a great. deal... I sleep a lot... I can sleep during the day, wake up to eat and then sleep again... I used to love school and I did my work frequently, now I want to do nothing but just sleep... I don't go anywhere I used to think that's my problem but even if I go out and come back I'm happy for that time and not again... I can be happy now and crying the next minute, I'm so young and yet I'm starting to think sex is like a great escape I haven't had sex yet but that's what I'm thinking... I cut myself before that's as far as I've gone but when I'm alone I think about drinking pills and dying of overdose... There's many more ways of dying I think about frequently... I try talking to my mother but she thinks its boys or like I'm just being silly... I really don't know what to do...

I dont know what to do anymore

I used to be this really outgoing happy person and i always used to think to myself, "how could anyone not be this happy?" i had so much going for me. I was in so many sports and after school activities and i had just gotten into high school. I had so many friends and i lived in a beautiful house. I had a secret boyfriend that my parents didnt approve of but i saw it as an adventure. Then, my parents decided to buy a house in another state. I hated the idea of it because i had just gotten my life together. I was one of the biggest losers from 5th-8th grade and had no self confidence cause i was always being bullied. at the end of 8th grade and into 9th i got all my self confidence back and was having the best time of my life. I was not looking forward to moving. at all. i would have to start over. once i moved my boyfriend broke up with me because of the distance and thats when it all started. for about a month i wouldnt speak or do anything adn i lost all energy and interest in everything i loved to do before. i thought that i was just taking the breakup harshly. another month passed by and these feelings still continued but i had realized that i was over my ex and that wasnt it anymore. all the way up until now, ive had terrible feelings about myself. i feel as though im never good enough and my parents are always telling me to put a smile on my face, but its so hard. it requires so much energy just to do that. my best friend who i can tell everything is moving halfway across the country and my other close friend has found a bunch of other friends, became a pot head and wont talk to me anymore. My parents fight everyday and were running out of all money because my dad cant find a job. I dont know what to do because i feel as though i will never be truely happy anymore no matter how much i fake it.

No Eating and No Talking

I seriously lock myself in my room and lay there for the whole day! I dont want to eat or talk. My parents worry about me but i dont care. I can't sleep at night..., people ask me whats wrong I stay quiet. I think i need help these pass few weeks i weighed 122.6 but now i weigh 106.3.... Can anybody help?

I Think I may be depressed

First of all the MAIN reason I feel depressed is a JOB!! I can't hold a job, I just got laid off in April and before that, I haven't worked in almost 2years. SO getting laid off put me in a bad situation. I'm always broke,it seem like I have nothing going for my self. I just turned 28 2 weeks ago,stay at home with my mom,have a 7yr old son,a babyfather that do what he can but I don't wanna be with him but depend on his money cause I'm ALWAYS unemployed. I smoke cigarettes heavily,sleep excessive,cry everyday all-day,very moody,always thinking bout committing suicide...this morning. I thought about jumping out the car while the car was moving. I'm losing my mind daily and dnt know what to do before I take my life

I don't whats going on

I don't whats going on anymore. I get upset once I'm home and I don't talk to anyone. It started a couple of weeks ago after my test when my dad was yelling at me and saying some things that made me feel weak and very depressed, my mum has tried talking to me but I just stay quiet and don't talk. And every day or every second day I just start to cry. I used to cut myself and I told someone and now I've stopped but I still. Have thoughts of cutting myself again. I really want to know whats going on with me. I'm fine with my friends, I feel really happy and joyful around them....its just when I'm at home and sometimes when I'm with my friends I start to feel depressed.

Depressed since 2004

i know i`m a bit late. I've been suffering for almost ten years. My family doesn't really understand me. i`m 27 and alone. I work at my brother`s company. I have so much personal debt i can`t afford medicine or therapy. I don`t like to die, but sometimes i wish my heart stopped. Sometimes i just take 2 aspirins and treat my depression as a disease. i try to relax a lot (maybe apathetic) I just hope for the best, and expect the worst. Do arts and crafts write and draw your pain away. Show the world that your stronger ( chin up)

Im so afraid

Im fifteen. Two months ago i lost an important person in my iife. And i think from them thats when i started to notice a change in me. But i had been feeling sad a few months before that too. I started to think about death alot. And then anout a week ago i was home alone, i searched on the internet multiple ways to take your own life. I got up and i went to the medication cupbored. The only thing that stopped me that day was that somebody came home. I just finished about 15 online tests to see if you have depression. I have only told me friend my feelings and she told me that she thinks the same way. I dont know if its normal. I have no one to talk to. I dont know what to do. I cry myself to sleep most nights. I fake a smile every day at school. Please if you read this help me.

How are you now?

I know how you feel because I have been through it. What helped me was to stay focused in my studies and plan for my future.
It will sound strange but my lowest lows do match with my highest highs. I will turn 37 in few days and currently going through another low but I had a good high before that.
Never be weak - especially financially.
Good luck and much love!

I'm 16 and I felt the same

I'm 16 and I felt the same way as you until around June of 2011. My moms best friend's 17 year old son took his own life. He thought he was doing something good but boy, it was rough. To see how many people he affected by such an impulsive decision was stunning... There's so much he missed out on, his grad year especially. But the point is, suicide is selfish because even though you are in a better place, your family and friends will cry themselves to sleep and listen to sad songs everyday because of your decision. Please don't do this. There are people that love you and treatment you can get for your depression. I hope this affected you in some way. Rest in peace Connor<3

Don't give in

I can see where you are coming from, I lost someone in my family and I feel that it gets to me sometimes. But you have to understand that person you lost would not want you to hurt yourself like this. They would want you to have a great and happy life. Be happy and remember them the way they were not how they are now. I believe you can get through this and I bet they do as well. Be well my friend :)

I wish I could help.

I went through a tough time as a teenager as well. After my first real relationship failed I don't think I was ever the same. I would cry myself to sleep on countless nights. I attempted suicide three separate times only nobody knows about two of them because I woke up. The one time I "succeeded" my dad said he had to drag my body up the basement stairs and out to the truck. I woke up in the hospital and they told me I was nearly dead, they almost thought I was gone. Since then I tried one other time but puked up the pills at the last minute. I realized I was sad, infinitely it seemed, but I did want to live and to learn and to be something. I'm not going to be all cliche and say it gets better because I don't know your personal info, but I will say you learn to work with it or around it and in between there's a lot of great stuff to learn and grow with. Sorry, and in a way I do feel your pain.

You are exclty like me

But what I do is stay strong , I try to do what makes me happy , don't let people stop you ! You should have a goal in your life it is very important to live for a reason ! There is 1000000 reasons why you're living for ! So many people like you and want you ! So stay strong ! Stop faking smiles it's not worth it but smile for a reason :) try to find good things in life I'm sure you'll find good things .. Even tho it's hard to find good things in Life when you lose someone important for you ...

I dont know

I feel so depressed and unwanted , I feel like everyone hates me , I always fake my smiles and laugh just to not make anyone know whats truly happening to me , I want to disappear from everyone . they call me a slut just because of the way I laugh and talk they call me fat infront of my face they call me ugly and they think its all a joke well its not anymore I cry about it everyday before I go to bed I want to cut my self and not go out for months for people to wonder about me and ask their selfs where I have been and why did I disappear , I was happy , nice to everyone and laugh and playful but now I have a choice to be cold as ice and not give a fuck about anyone or anything and not talk to anyone ..

I feel hated and lied to and

I feel hated and lied to and mocked and unwanted. You're exactly right - what's the point of my stupid worthless life anymore? Everyone hates me and i don't even have a family. Im alone and my life is horrible. I'm really sorry for venting - what's the point of it anyway? Life is still going to be total hell even after i vent. Venting just makes me feel worse in the end and, God, i don't even know why im doing this. Why am i still here? Why am i playing this painful game called life? I just want to kill myself already but im too much of a pathetic failure to even try. I think about suicide everyday because it's really the only thing i really want. I hate these antidepressants and antipsychotics that im forced to take. All they do is make me feel this horrible fakeness and block me from thinking. It's terrible. No doctor gives a penny about me. They don't understand. All they do is up my doses if i still feel "sick". They threaten to send me to psych wards if I don't feel the way they want to hear. I just lie so they can hear what they want. They couldn't care less if i felt suicidal. All they do is ask me what's wrong when i don't even know what's wrong with me. God hates me. I have no friends because everyone hates me and thinks im pathetic. But why am i complaining? God im a loser and i hate myself. Im sorry for venting. No one has to read this worthless, stupid entry. Im really sorry for wasting your time with my pathetic problems. God im so stupid. I just want to die - the world would definitely be way better off without the loser that's me.


I've taken alot of online test about depression and they have all said that im in serious depression and I need to see someone. But what do I say to my doctor?

I've tried to kill myself, and I've had thought, I've self-harmed and I feel low, no-one cares.

You just did

Take what you just wrote, print it out, and read it to your doctor. He'll know what to do.


You can say to your doctor exactly what you've said here, it's hard and opening up about this sort of stuff is always hard but you've taken the first step posting it here. Your wrong about people not caring about you, there's always someone in some way who cares about you. I hope this helps a little because I've been there and I've got through it. Good luck.

Ups and downs

I think i might be depressed, I don't want to wake up on the morning to go to school. I feel hopeless and useless. I put myself down all the time and I feel like I overthink things, sometimes I get lost in thought and I pour out negative things to myself and put myself down. I cry at night before I go to sleep, I hate being alone because I start to feel lonely and unloved. I don't know what to do :/ I try really hard to not give up but there are days when I want to call it quits already..

i just can't...

i just can't take the fact that i was molested when i was ten by my own brother. hes not apart of the family anymore but that doesn't take away the fact that im empty inside and i have no innocents left. i rely on finding that love i loook everywhere for it. even if its just for one night. im older now and i don't that stuff but my cheste always hurts for longing to find out why did this happen to me. my mother tells everyone that i piss her off and she imply's that im good for nothing like my father. i am depressed still going on for 7 years, im not so bad on cutting anymore but i got to the point where i got to deep. i am really sorry mommy that i take up too much space in your life that you can't love me anymore. i sorry if i was molested against my own will i am sorry i am one big screw up.

I understand..

Hey, I totally understand what and how you feel. I was also molested when I was ten except it was my father who did it. I was numb until now (21) and now I'm an emotional wreck my mom never wants to talk about it she's kind of heartless now after all the abuse she's been through. I feel isolated and that no one gets me. I can't keep friends because I have trust issues so I master ate to release the anxiety temporarily. Idk guess I needs talk to someone....well don't hurt yourself anymore it's useless ur mouth is more powerful u can talk to me I'd love to be ur confidant .

I have a good family and a

I have a good family and a good home life. That's why I dont understand why I feel so down all the time. I play soccer and am appearently really good. My parents push me too hard. I have to go 2 hours away three times a week fordo practice. And then I always have games 3-5 hours away on the weekends. And since im never home I dont really have much time for friends. So when im in town I just stay home. My parents domt let me do anything. The only times I see my friends is at school when theyre telling me all the fun things I missed that weekend. And that only annoys me and makes me want to be alone. And then when I am alone I just want to go to sleep and forget about everything. I know im not depressed but im just afraid of getting to that point. I wish I could quit soccer but I dont want to dissapoint my parents. I dont know what to do.

Im 16 and i think i might need help

I Have no idea if im depressed. I mean i never get along with my family anymore, my attitude has increased, i have random mood swings, whenever i feel like crying at school i know i cant, because everyone will be asking me whats wrong , and when they do all i say is im tired. I can't being sad anymore. i think about all my problems at night, i just want to cry and sometimes i feel like i can't breathe. I just don't know what to do, i miss being happy , i miss being a happy teenage kid, but i cant focus in school, my grades arent well, i dont get along with my mom anymore and we used to be bestfriends, my dads always at work, and my brother and me don't really see each other alot. & i just feel so alone , i feel like when i disappoint my mom , like with my grades, she just wants me gone, and i miss her being my bestfriend. i miss all the people i let out of my life. i seriously do, and i just want my life back. But sometimes i feel like no one wants me anymore.

I feel the exact same

I am also 16 years old... Well I will be in a week.. I cry for silly things... Little things people say hurt me and I cry.. There's days I burst out crying at school and when people ask me what's wrong I lie and say I miss my dad because my parents recently got divorced. I used to love school and I hate it to my core now. I'm lazy I don't want to attempt in doing my homework I just leave it and go sleep. I sleep all day, I want to do nothing but sleep. I used to think its boys making me like this but its not because I get bored of them. My relationship with my mother isn't good as well like most times I think she probably thinks I was mistake and that she doesn't want me anymore. A lot of times I also think about killing myself but can't get myself to actually do it. I cut myself before but that's as far as I've gone. I know this doesn't help but I needed to speak to someone.

I think I'm depressed

I have 8 of the symptoms and my mum last year died in the living room ironically but yeah now I can't be bothered I was lazy before though and I have self harmed but I've sworn to my self and on my mums ashes I wont kill myself except if my dad dies I find it hard to sleep yet I'm tired all the time I'm never happy for more than 1 hour and I've been feeling like this since august some time 2011 it's nearly a year now no one has actually noticed I don't cry in front of people but I'm only 13 I shouldn't be feeling like this and I don't want some one saying they understand or nodding they head as if I'm being stupid my dad sometimes gets angry he doesn't physically hurt me but he says stuff like I'm useless and he doesn't care and you always cock thing up and it. Hurts more than anyone knows but i know it's true and death is always some thing imthinking about wheither it's mine or friends or dads it always something I'm think about and I don't want to do anything at all but no one cares anough to notice and my dad say I worry to much no one under stands me I'm so alone

This is normal?

I'm so insecure. I Feel depressed sometimes and all together ugly. It feels like no one even cares or knows I'm here. I want to cry so bad and I can't help but feel like I have to put a smile on my face to cover up the pain. I Don't know for sure but I think I'm bipolar. No one even knows how I feel yet...I haven't told anyone.

You are not bipolar

You are not bipolar. You are just human. God puts us in these types of situations to make us stronger. He only dose it to the strongest so yeah

Feeling dead inside

My best friend is starting to act strange towards me whenever she and I are around other people she acts like she doesn't know me. I have also noticed her mood around me she seems angry at me and always stares at me like Ive committed some horrible crime. whenever I say anything to her she constantly feels the need to correct my opinions and run me down she makes me feel most of the time like a complete idiot. For the past 3 weeks my emotions have seemed to slowly disappear. I don't have emotional reactions like I used to. I tried to listen to some sad music that would make me cry and nothing happened. I don't even feel mad at my best friend for seemingly cutting me out of her life. I don't know what to say but I feel lost inside.

I don't know

After reading these symptoms I don't think I'm depressed but I dont know what's wrong with me. I try to act like I have confidence and that when people say things about me or when I make mistakes that it doesn't bother me but it does. It just makes me feel do paranoid. My annoying friend told me her ex boyfriend said I have a big shiny forehead, which is true but it hurts so much more when you already know. I feel fat and I'm really ugly but my friends and family say differently. I dont usually cry about those things but sometimes I cry over the smallest things and just let everything out. When Im done sometimes I dont even remember what I was crying about. I have rolls on my nasty stomach and when I look down at them I just feel like I want to chop all the gross fat off. I have to wear a jacket to hide my stomach unless the shirt I'm wearing is loose. Sometimes after I cry I convince myself to stop caring about what I look like cause theres nothing I can do about it but this new attitude only lasts a few hoyrs at the most. The few times that I go to the mall, I start to feel very self consciess after awhile like people are staring at me because I look weird or ugly or something and I just want to leave. And then I become very irritable to whoever I'm with. If a restaurant has a drive thru and would prefer going through it. At school I only have a few friends, I'm really picky with them. I feel like I'm not like the other kids my age, I don't like the same music and I think all the trends whether they're fashion or lingo are retarded. I try to be nice and help people as much as possible but I'm just not a naturally friendly and outgoing person. Sometimes I say things that were meant to be jokes that I realize later would have really hurt my feelings if it had been said to me. I get stressed out really easily too. I live with my grandparents because my parents screwed up with drugs and stuff. My mom recently got out of prison and is getting back on her feet. My dad got out of prison and is taking like technician classes or something but I'm not as confident that he will change because he's screwed up so many times. I feel like I owe them something when I know it them that owe me something- and that's an apology. My dad has said he's sorry so many times in letters but he never changes anything. This last time he got out of jail though, he didnt say he was sorry, but he did start taking those classes and going to church so I'll see what happens. On the other hand, my mom has never said she was sorry but she did say she promised to never do drugs again. Like me, she's not very open with her feelings though. I've got to see her for the first time in 6 years this year and various people in my family keep telling me I need to have a serious conversation with her but honestly it's too awkward for me to be alone in the same room with her. I dont know I just think my main issues are my low self confidence and the paranoia I get it public sometimes. Lately I've been trying to ride my bike around my super tiny little neiborhood but it gets so boring so quickly. I've also been watching movies and it's really nice because it's like you don't have to worry about the real world while your watching it- you're in someone else's life. I started having weird dreams again too like I always used to. I just don't even know what I feel lately, I went to a store today and looked at clothes and I do t even know what kind of clothes I like and if I do to d something I think I like, Ifeel too fat for it. I have the worst acne on my back in the world and the pores on my face are huge and clogged up and I have never ending pimples. I try to wash my face 2-3 times a day and I have wipes and stuff and my grandma even bought me a clarisonic. I need to go to a dermatologist but that involves ripping my shirt off and exposing my boobs and chest and fat stomach. I live in a basement because my grandparent run two adult family homes which isn't what they want to be doing- our real house is in Oregon along with most of our family while we're here in Washington because theyre stuck doing this job. So we live in the basement of one of the old people homes. It's just kind of depressi g to live down here with no windows and not feeling comfortable going in the backyard because there's a highway and a daycare with little kids that stare at you. And then there's my brother who lives to annoy me and is such a brat because the only one that can make him behave is my grandpa who works and the second adult family home almost 24/7. I just feel so bad for my grandparents who hate where they are living and don't want anything more then to live the rest of their lives in their town in Oregon and die there and there's nothing I can do about it. I just want answers or solutions, or to make sense.

I Dont Know Who I Am Anymore

Im Only 15 And My Life Is Ripping Apart , I Have No True Friends Anymore No Good Family, And I Just Dont Know What To Do Anymore, I Dont Like Doing Things I Used To Do Anymore, I Look My Self In My Room Everyday Away From Everyone Else, I Take Pills To Make Me Go To Sleep All Day And Night I Take Lots Of Pills When Im Angry Tryimg To Kill Myself, And School Is A Living Hell, Pluss My Mom Makes Me Feel Bad And Doesnt Believe Me When I Say Im Depressed, And My Sisters Hate Me

what's wrong with me

when my mom left me at 16 i felt all alone even though i was surrounded by family i smoke more weed then i used to just so i can numb the pain. Im always feeling like everybody is agenst me so i start hating everybody people that say there my friends i think there lineing to me telling me what i want to hear so i laugh and joke just to hide how i really feel im not as active like i use to be the thing that did intrest me i hate i just dont kno how to make my self feel better anymore so i smoke more to help but then when im dun being high i want to smoke agian and agian just so i dont have to be that low and i hate the fact that i cant stop thinking about killing my self even though i do want to end it all.

So I have all of the symptoms

So I have all of the symptoms myself. I've been depressed on and off, I'm sure, since I was maybe eleven years old, if that's possible. It used to be even worse back then. Now, I'm 18 and moved out and going to college in a new city. So far, I still don't have any friends. I do have my boyfriend (best friend) and he's amazing, but i do need some friends. The problem is...I used to be very social and outgoing, just a year ago, but now I can't seem to even find the motivation to interact with other people. I always think that noone would like to get to know me anymore. I look at myself in the mirror and see myself as a person highly misunderstood by others and I feel like noone truly understands the way I think or who I am. Even though I used to be a huge dreamer with lots of ambitions, I feel like now, there's no way I can ever achieve my goals and that I'll never be happy again. I look forward to nothing. No amount of logic or helpful words ever change anything for me. It's like my mind is on a single repeating track and the feelings of hopelessness and despair get so overwhelming sometimes that I really would like nothing more than to die, because sleeping, eating, moving, or existing are all things that have become too much for me to bear. I feel sick to my stomach most of the time and even if I haven't eaten anything all day and I'm starving, I can't even force myself to eat because I feel so sick. I don't feel happy or safe from these emotions by myself or around people. I've lost interest in music, dancing, surfing, all the things I used to love. And noone even knows, at work or at school or out in public, that I feel this way because I'm so good at keeping my head up and masking the pain. All I want is to feel normal again and happy and think clearly and fearlessly like everyone else.

I dont know what to do

I dont know what do do.when i was 8 my best friend moved away and my grades began to go down i would cry nearly everynight, and soon my mum got me to move schools because she blamed the school.which made things worse i missed the few friends i had and i kept crying and crying all the time but only when i was alone, no one knew.In the early days of high school my mum was diagnosed with breastcancer i felt so bad that i couldnt help her.In this year i found out my friend has been doctors as she is apparntly leading to depression i dont get why this is her life is perfect she has loads of friends shes normel weight and is georgeous nothing bad has ever happened to her.I hate how she can go and have help but i cant i cant tell anyne how i feel espicailly my family and fiends. i feel worthless, alone fat ugly, i cry almost most nights andfeel tired all the time and ive thought about suidicide the only reason i havnt is because i couldnt do it to the people around me. i put on an act like a mask of happiness for people. i want help but i dont wwant to go to the doctors because im scared they will tell my mum. Can someone give me some advice, im 14.

I am tired

I am nineteen and I feel alone all the time. I always hide beneath a mask all the time in front of my family and friends. When I go to college, yes I laugh and make jokes, but hell, I am sad all the time on the inside. Once I get home, it gets even worst. Suicidal thoughts have been in my mind for more or less a year now but I won't do it, my religion won't allow it. The only thing that can make me calm down is to seek God and pray.

I have the lowest self esteem ever. A year ago, I was 40 pounds heavier than I am now. I thought losing the weight could make me happier or gain more self esteem, but no. My self confidence is still the same and I blame myself for it. I feel lonely all the time, and trust me I am. Only God knows how I feel everyday about my life. It's been like this since I was 13 years old.

Can you imagine, 6 years of sadness?

I honestly think im getting

I honestly think im getting depressed, i dont know what im supposed to do. Ever since i moved to this school of mine everything has just gone downhill! I dont know what im supposed to do! I had a perfect life, i used to go out all the time, i had tons of friends and now everything is just ruined! I have basically no friends, everyone around me is so different and keeps making fun of me, i just feel like im so alone in this world! Theres noone i can talk to because they all just think im over reacting, now im contemplating killing myself and i cry everyday! One day it was so bad i couldnt wait to get home from school and just broke down in the bathroom. im so alone, i dont want to kill myself. im trying to be optimistic. but its all not working. its even gotten to the point where i dont trust God anymore cause he hasnt done shit to help me. im just alone. I HATE LIFE!

I'm 13. I don't particularly

I'm 13. I don't particularly think I'm depressed. I do think about suicide sometimes, but I haven't really tried anything. I'm tired all the time. I've stopped eating, but that's just because I'm not hungry. I can't sleep at night. I get about 2-3 hours of sleep each night, so that might be the reason for the other problems I've had. I always feel alone, but that's just because I never make the effort to talk to people. They all annoy me. They all make me feel sick. I used to love reading, but now it's a pain for me to pick up a book. Again, probably because of my sleeping problems. I have big headaches all the time that come on at random intervals. Everyone is always asking something from me, expecting me to be strong. Everyone's relying one me. They're always using me as a foot stool so they can get back up. I have no one like that for me. I always have to act random and happy around others...But I always feel depressed inside. I can't explain it. I don't think it's depression, but can someone help me? And don't tell me to see a psychiatrist or some other shit like that, because I don't want those quacks anywhere where I can see, hear, or otherwise sense them. I also have a lot of mood swings. One second I'll be hyper and sociable, then I'll be depressed and just go off in the corner to think. That's how I spend most of my time now, because I can't read. I think. I analyse. I plan. I reflect.

hang in there

i used to feel like that. i didn't want to talk to anyone, cause they were so annoying. thinking is actually good, just don't think about bad things. you don't necessarily need to see a doctor, just try thinking of good things, fun things. plan stuff, like what kinds of crazy stuff you want 2 to when your older. thats how i got through it all. i know you have probably heared this before, but just try it out. youll feel happy again. trust me. try medetaition, i mean not like that OMMMMMMMMME....OMMMMMMMEEE stuff, but just closing your eyes and laying down. maybe even do some yoga. if there is anyone in your life that you feel comfortable telling, tell them you are feeling down. you dont need to use the word "depressed" or they will freak, but just say youre not really feeling so well. dont worry, youll get through.

13 year old

Dear 13 year old, it seems to me that you might have a bipolar disorder, in which you feel happy and hyper at one moment and down and depressed the next. Unfortunately the only way to deal with this problem, it's medication, and in order to obtain the medication you need to seek the help of a psychiatrist. I know you do not want to hear that, but if you want help and you want to get better, that is what need to be done. Have you talk to your parents about how you really feel? Hope you can read this and decide to seek for help... Good luck and God bless you!

I have the same sort of problem

hi...I am 14. I have thought about suicide but like you I have not tried. In december I made a mistake and almost everybody in my grade stopped talking to me because I go to a small school. I have gained about 15 pounds since then because I eat all the time. Most nights I cry myself to sleep and I lose my train of thought. Nobody hangs out with me anymore so I just sit at home doing nothing. My mom says I have depression but I choose to deny it. Something that has helped me is writing. Every night I write what happened in my day. Goo dor bad. And then I make a note at the bottom telling myself to do something such as plant a flower or start reading a book or anything of the sort. I recommend the same. I am sorry you are going through this. Just be yourself.

I don't know anymore

It's really hard: school is hard, people are mean, and even my home life is hard. It's getting really hard for me to laugh and be happy like what is expected of me at home. And at school I only act happy, but on the inside I am being torn apart. I come home and cry everyday. I didn't know what was wrong with me until I found this site. I don't want help, because I will only get critizied. Thank you though for helping me see what was wrong with me, I have at least 6 of the symptoms. But these symptoms have been affecting me for only a few weeks and I don't know what to do. Hopefully I'll pull out of it.

hey, i know the feeling, you

hey, i know the feeling, you wont get critized by me. ive been there alot it isnt fun, specially what i think when i get depressed. im sorry and i am here for you if you need anything even though idk you but i dont like seeing people the way i am or depressed any bit.

They wont criticize you

I have major depression and anger issues. I was afraid to go to a psychiatrist or a therapist too but i finally got the courage to go and it was a great experience. I dont like to tell others about my issues. Im not the type that would call up a friend to tell her whats going on but when i sat in front of my therapist, she made me feel comfortable and didnt criticize me even when i told her the strangest things. Therapists are trained to listen to peoples issues. They listen to peoples issues everyday. I got a lot of my stress out when i saw my therapist. By writing on the internet about your issues youll get more criticism. Therapists are basically like doctors. Doctors and dentists dont criticize you when youre sick do they? Therapists are just there to help you cope and break free from the monsters that are trying to drag you down. You should go see one if you have constant thoughts of suicide

I don't know who to talk to

I've been having these feelings for about 4 months now, and have tried to commit suicide once. I feel terrible, and I used to love netball, but now I think of it more as a chore than a fun activity. I have no one to talk to, because I feel that if I told someone they wouldn't understand, tell me just to get over it, or make them worry about me. My 2 'best-friends' don't invite me anywhere, or talk to me as much as they used to, because they think I'm such a 'negative influence'. I feel like a third wheel. I pretend to be happy and care-free, but inside, I feel like crying and injuring myself. I hate school, not because of the work, but because of the people. I constantly feel like when something bad happens it's always me who gets blamed or hated. People don't like me. The boy I like ignores me, and before this, no one knows how I feel about any of this. I feel like I'm a burden on everyones life. I hate my life. I give up.

Maybe this is just life, or maybe i'm just venting.

....I've changed a lot over the last few years and especially the last few months and I don't know why. My family is great and on paper I have plenty of friends, and very active in school. But lately, I'm always tired, but can't sleep, sometimes 2am, sometimes 5am and even all nighters, (insomnia?) and everything and everyone annoys me no matter what it could be something as stupid as how they said a word or something just a stupid. I used to be an extremely outgoing and optimistic person always meeting new people and I think I still can be at times. But most of the time I feel as if I have no motivation or real friends and I could never talk to any of them or anyone about anything. I feel as though they would see any feeling or problem of mine to be minuscule. I don't trust anyone, Not even my mom, who I love dearly and wished I showed her that more. I can't find one nice or positive thing to say about myself. I hardly cry anymore because I don't even feel my life and problems are worth the tears. I try to convince myself i'm emotionless and sometimes I believe it. I don't have suicide thoughts though, which is a good thing, but I definitely can't image my future to be happy or successful but I do think about death a lot in general for not only me but friends and family and how it would effect my life. Love and relationships are a nonexistent fixture in my life, it didn't exist before, it doesn't exist now, and it will never exist later. I hate the way I feel and think now because I know its sooo pessimistic. But also its weird because around friends and family I can act normal and seem happy and maybe even feel momentarily happy, but it always comes back to thoughts and feelings like this. I've actually told family and friends I think i'm depressed and they just assume i'm joking and laugh it off, even if I don't laugh; but that could also be partially my fault due to my sarcastic sense of humor. I'm not even sure if i'm depressed or if this is just how everyone feels at some point in their life...aka teens, for me.

humming even when depressed

please tell me if this is normal....I hum or sing even when I'm angry or sad or depressed, I always catch myself doing it, and do not know why I keep doing it. Anybody know?

If by "normal," you're

If by "normal," you're wondering if other people do it too, I think you may be in the minority. However, things can be in the minority and still be healthy and interesting---or normal. I like the fact that you hum and sing. A lot of people lose interest in activities they do when they aren't depressed, such as singing. If it isn't hurting yourself or anyone else, keep on keepin' on.

i really don't know

i really don't know what to do. i'm 14 and every time i want to go to sleep or at least try i have to cry myself to sleep,i try to put on a smile so everyone thinks that i'm fine but im not i can't talk to anyone because they wont lison. the olny joy i get out of the day anymore is when i can fall asleep and i can rarely even do that anymore. all i ever want to do anymore is curl up in a ball and disapper. my moms alwas saying I need to smile more but i can't even fake it haf the time.

Please do not be to hard on

Please do not be to hard on yourself. Being fourteen is a difficult age and I'm sure as you get older you will feel better about yourself.

I think I may be depressed.

I think I may be depressed. I'm too scared to visit a doctor or tell anybody about how I'm feeling but every day is a constant chore & I often feel like I don't want to be here anymore. There are many reasons why I feel like this but I'm 19 years old, surely it's not right to feel like this. I have lots of friends, but as I'm usually the supportive one being there sorting out everyone else's problems, when I have my own nobody wants to know. I'm too scared to talk to my family as they don't take me seriously & I don't want to talk to my doctor as I don't know him well enough. What can I do? Besides the obvious & talking to my doctor....

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