How do you know if you're depressed?

People who are depressed generally know that something is wrong, even frighteningly wrong. But sometimes they and those around them do not identify their problem as depression. Out of lack of awareness of what depression consists of or an aversion to admitting a mental or emotional illness, they see themselves as suffering from stress, fatigue, or overwork or even a physical disease.

Depression is a constellation of symptoms that varies from person to person. If you have at least five of the symptoms listed below for at least two weeks -- and they are not clearly caused by a medical disorder, drug use, or bereavement -- then you very likely have an episode of major depression:

  • A depressed mood (often noticeably different from low moods previously experienced; an indescribable psychic pain or anguish).
  • A pervasive and sometimes profound loss of interest in usual activities.
  • (One of these first two symptoms must be included for the diagnosis.)
  • Loss of appetite; significant weight loss.
  • Insomnia or excessive sleep.
  • Physical slow down or agitation.
  • Lack of energy; fatigue.
  • Feelings of guilt or worthlessness that may be of delusional proportions.
  • Poor concentration; indecisiveness.
  • Recurrent thoughts of death or suicidal ideas, plans, or attempts.

Many other symptoms can occur, such as hopelessness, a dismal view of the future, distorted judgment, decreased sexual interest, constipation, and bodily aches and pains. Depressive symptoms can occur in subtle and mild forms. It is best to recognize and begin to treat depression before it is full-blown.

Anyone who is depressed, or possibly depressed, should get a medical evaluation. Sometimes medical illnesses such as hypothyroidism can cause depression and should be ruled out.

Depression is highly treatable. Treatment can sometimes be done by primary physicians, if they have the experience and interest. If your depression is severe or not responsive to treatment, you should see a psychiatrist.

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I have some of the symptoms

I have some of the symptoms I've cried myself to sleep mom is sick my dad lives in another state my step dad walked out on us when we needed him most. I'm 13 I used to love school I loved seeing my friends learning things I have to fake a smile & no ones noticed yet & it's killing me I've had thoughts... I just wanted some one to notice ... to care but it's like I'm invisible some times I like it that way no one to let you down I don't know what to do im an emotional wreck

I don't think its depression

I don't think its depression I think its more of you feeling over whelmed with every thing that is going on in your life right now..... sometimes its good to vent keeping everything bottled in will make you go crazy..... if you don't trust your friends to talk about you problems to try to talk to a school counsler it helped me get through school

I need help

Im always fine around my friends usually. I laugh and joke around with them but now im starting to not do that as much. Ive just thinking how nothing matters and how everything is so complicated. Whenever im alone it gets worse though. Ive thought of suicide alot. Ive even been crying myself to sleep most nights. I dont get it! Im fine with my friends but the second im alone i just want to die..

I feel the same way, I know

I feel the same way, I know that isn't what you are looking for in an answer but I also shouldn't be left alone in my own mind


I guess I don't have much to whine about... I have a pretty good life and all the past few years I've been going through some family problems... My brother who is My best friend left last year to join the navy and ever since then I be been going through some tough stuff at home and at school. I really wish I had someone to talk to, not thatI don't have friends our anything because I do just not anyone who is with talking to.. But talking can be hard at some times. I'm 17 going on 18 in a week effin scared about college and all of that crap :(

I hate feeling like this

Everything sucks so much I feel like I'm depressed and I'm always putting my self down I am always tired and I keep missing things cause I sleep to much I hate myself and everything around me I can't take it anymore I want to tell my mum but I can't muster up the courage to because I fear what will happen even though I know nothing bad will im failing in school and I'm becoming more and more anti social I can hardly keep up a conversation with my friends the only thing that makes me even the slightest bit happy is playing xbox because it allows me to get away from my crappy life but when I stop it gets worse because I think about my life and how shit it is I want this to stop but I don't know how someone help me

Everything sucks

I don't know what to do I get the suspicion that I am depressed but I am not sure I hate nearly everything in my life and I am struggling with all my schoolwork I don't get any sense of achievement and have no interest in anything except for xbox because it allows me to get away from my normal crappy life I want to tell my mum but I just can't bring myself to do it I'm so sick of everything around me and Can't take it anymore please someone help me the only time I ever feel happy is when I play xbox but when I stop I look around and everything is still as sucky as it always was and just makes me hate me and everything more feel so hopeless


I think I might be depressed and sometimes I'm good at hiding it on in a dead end job that I hate and feel I am not making enough money to support my young family I'm 18 and have a 3 month old baby girl who I love more than I can describe I also love my girlfriend very much some people will think I have it good I have never thought of ending my life and for anyone that has please don't people love you and the grief you will put them through would be horrific Im just easily annoyed grumpy and often can't be added with anything or anybody I don't know what to do I try everyday to find a new job because I believe that may be all I need but its soul destroying getting rejected 100 times a day any info would be amazing. Thank you

Don't know what is wrong with me

I haave been taking care of my husband who has has a couple of strokes 8 years ago. I am now feeling very lonely and depressed. Sometimes he doesn't even know why I do the things for him without hem yelling at me for everything. I than raise my voice because he doesn't know how to be nice anymore. He is mostly mad with me and tells me everyday on the huur that he hates me and I don't know what I am doing. He is 10005 handicap and I do everything for him. I am getting old now and find it impossible to take care of him. He is 78 years. I was fine just 2 months ago and now I find myself hurting everywhere. When I put him to bed I feel a little relief, but that I cry, talk to myself and don't want to do anything. Sometimes I feel depressed and don't have noone to talk to. I don't want my few friends to know anything, but it is getting verh hard to talk to my sons. They don't understand everything I go through. Someone please shed some light

huh? i dont know whats the subject

first of all he is 78 years old he has anshimer thats why he forgets evrything and he is old hes sick so take him to the plae were old people are at so the doctores can take care of him instead off you. if you dont want your friends to know amything then why did you put it in google were the whole entire world can read it ... if you dont have noone to talk to get a dog or a cat better.... your sons are well i dont know how old are they but that shows that they dont care and your the reason why you thought them how to not care about people... if you dididnt then who did?? duuhhh

@ Huh I dont know whats the subject

Do you realise that comments like that facilitate no one, this is a poor woman trying to do her best by her husband and your suggesting she puts him in a home, and that her sons don't care what an awful sad person you are to be derogative about a poor woman suffering depression. You should be ashamed.
To the lady well done you are very brave and my heart goes out to you, the feelings you are having are symptomatic of caring for a person, many people can become depressed when their whole lives are lived through someone who is disabled and on top of it who is being nasty to you. People can depressed by living with a depressed person, it is impossible to keep positive thoughts and be happy when the person you are with is depressed, disabled and bring you down. I would suggest you speak to a guidance counsellor or try group therapy that way you could also make new friend, my love reach out to someone don't be afraid, people cannot help if you do not tell them. Also if you are able go for a walk in a beautiful part of you area, talk to the birds sing to yourself, it seems silly but these little joys are free. However I urge you to talk to someone please don't do this alone. My thoughts are with sweetheart.

Hello. I'm very sorry for

Hello. I'm very sorry for what you're going through. Remember your a great wife, mother, friend, Abd overall person. You handle your situation well. If you feel aches and pains, it may be depression, or age. I'd suggest going to see your physician. My mother has a disease of the inner ear called Menears disease and she has depression. You need to get an evaluation and you may get medicine or a phone number for a physiatrist. I'm only 13 but I know a lot about depression and pain. It's going to get better. You just need to talk it out!

Im nearly 18 and have a

Im nearly 18 and have a pretty good life, no family problems and a good boyfriend. But everyday after sixth form i stay in my room, shut myself away and cry. Its really starting to get on my nerves, recently my boyfriends been upsetting me quite alot, we've nearly been going out for a year and we were close to splitting up last week, so i think that added to it, but i feel like utter rubbish. I cant do any school work, and i need the grades to go to the university i want, i just sit by a computer and cry i get angry and my mum, ive contemplated suicide at least 3 times now, i took pills the other day just because i felt i needed them, but then threw up straight away, i need help quick. Literally am losing everything i love, and i dont know what to do, i know i'm mentally ill but its becoming a joke, people so young aren't meant to be like this

we're literally in the same

we're literally in the same exact situation, I wish we could speak to each other. I've been seeking help and I'm on medication now, it's incredibly helpful, I feel like a new person. I recommended seeking help from a doctor.

i hate this and i dont know what to do

I hate feeling this way and i dont know what to do anymore. I thougght it was only me who felt this way. everytime i come home from school i lock myself in my room and just want to cry. soemtimes i question why im crying. If it has to do with my parents splitting up and the long process or me and my bro arent as close as we used to be or my friends r changing my grades rnt good enough. So many things run through my mind when im done crying but they are never the reason for why im crying. I feel sick almost every day and all i wanna do is stay home from school and sleep. Its so hard writing this right now because its so hard to open up to anyone. Even when my boyfriend asks its the most difficult thing in the world. Soccer used to be my FAVORITE sport but after not making varsity i completely stopped working out in general and got used to the idea of just sleeping all the time. It makes me feel better but it leaves me thinking alot for why im feeling this way. Does anyone else know how im feeling? I dont even eat anymore not because im starving myself just because im not hungry. i hate this :((

dont feel to bad..i'm 18 and

dont feel to bad..i'm 18 and i have been feeling down myself.always feeling like i want to cry and i dont even know the reason. sometimes i just feel like the whole world is on my shoulders..i go to school and have a fake smile all day long but on the inside it seems as if im trapped..i dont do things i use to do anymore i dont go for walks , or write poetry anymore or even read a book..and everyone knows i l oved reading and writing..i guess its the simple fact that school is stressing me out, not only that but my parents are also splitting up and that is extremely hard for me because im a family girl and i love my family and i hate that this is happening to me ..and it doesnt help that my parents both be at work through the weekdays and so i have to babysit my 4 lil bros and thats even more here to tell u to keep your head up and i pray good things come your way

I don't know what's wrong me

I don't know what's wrong me I have been crying every day I'm extremely lonely I'm just not myself everyone thinks my life is perfect but noone know that when I get home I just cry its been like this for a long time but now its worser and I have nobody to vent to *sigh* when I'm around people I act like I'm the happiest but its all a big front I'm extremely Unhappy : (

I definitely know what you're

I definitely know what you're going aren't alone. trust me

Maybe ur just person that is

Maybe ur just person that is very sensitive. The way to stop that is to do something that makes u happy.. and hang out with good friends that u know will be there for u. Your fine sweet heart.. stay strong :-)

i know how you feel believe

i know how you feel believe me.. i wish i knew what to say becaus eim going through the same exact thing now.. im 16 and ive been feeling this way since about september.. but on and off since 8th grade.. what makes me happiest is when i cry it out and talk to my best friend who experienced the same thing after a family divorce. She went to talk to someone for all of last summer and she came back her perfect old self. Having her by muself helps me get through the day

I just have reall bad mood

I just have reall bad mood swings all the time and I am
Hurting the ones that I love and I don't mean to. I fell ugly in myself and have always suffered with weight but now i am
Not eating properly and it is making me feel in control of my body. I just seem to push everyone away and I don't mean to. I don't know what to do. Nothing seems to make me happy

I have been feeling the same

I have been feeling the same way. I dont know what to do. im fine one minute and then crying my eyes out the next and I am also pushing away myhusband and loved ones.
I dont know why I feel this way I thought it was just me

I feel dead inside i wish i

I feel dead inside i wish i can die right now i have no idea how this has started i feel like dieing no one there for me i pick up kifes saying im finaly going to move on but can never bring my self to do it please help me con tact my email or better facebook J-raw Drew im 14 i need help before i burn my light out and fade into what seems a better place for me

you know

You should start seeing someone. Talk to your parents maybe? Or talk to an adult you really trust. A year ago my brother killed himself...its not a good thing at all. Not even for you.

I'm 16 and I have all these

I'm 16 and I have all these symptoms except for one. My family is just being torn apart, &now they've taken my best friend (my cousin) away from me. She was the only one who really got me through the day. The only one who actually cared about my day. When her mom told her to stop talking to me I tried to talk to my friends the way I would talk to her, but it just wasn't the same. Ever since then I don't really talk to them. I can't open up to anybody else, it just feels wrong. So I don't talk to my friends outside of school. So all I really have are my four friend from a different school that I see from time to time. I tried talking to them too, but no. They haven't been through everything with me. And now all I do is read books and go on Tumblr, but then I have to stop because I just can't... So i have to switch between the two. Then today my mom said I never really come out of my room anymore an I've been acting different. That's when I looked this up and saw that I have almost every symptom. Except the one where I want to commit suicide. I mean, I have thought about it. I mean, seriously, who hasn't? Buy suicide would just make things worse to me. I wouldnt want to die in the state I'm in now. I don't even know if I'm really depressed or just tired of people and the crap they bring with them. Tired of my aunt... My aunt being so pissy at everyone... Not letting her daughter talk to me because she's mad at my mother. Not letting our family parties happen because it's just too awkward. And my mom not being able to speak up to her and make her see what she's doing. And speak up to my step dad and tell him to stop pushing her around like a slave. I don't want to end up like my brother, cooped up in room playing video games all day. Never answering his phone and making his friend struggle to get into his life. "accidentally" forgetting to enroll for winter college classes. And I don't want to end up like my mother, being pushed around by everyone. Not speaking up for herself. Or my aunt who will kick you out of her life and families life when you don't agree with her on every little thing. And I certainly don't want to end up in an office stapling paper or filing them like my grandma wants to do. My mom and grandma keep pushing ideas for things I should be when I grow up. I know what I want to be, but I don't tell them because it's not going to be in some law firm or whatever. I'm almost scared to tell anyone what I want to be when I grow up because i don't want them to laugh at my face. I just don't know what I'm doing anymore. I think I just really need to find a better way to vent things out than go on a depression website and just drop all my tiny problems here. I mean, I'm a teenager now. I don't know how I'm going to be like in the future when I have bills to pay and fears to face. I just feel like the world is moving too fast right now. Sorry if I wasted your time. but I need to get it out.

I feel the same way

I understand where you are coming from. I have two swons aroung 40 years old and they don't talk to each other. when I come to town i have to go to this house than the other. We could not be together. Sometimes I feel like I failed them. The problem isn't me. The problem is the older son won't talk to the other son's wife. I don't know what happened and I guess I will never find out. My daughter-in-law sometimes could be a little overbearing and maybe a little jeously. I thing she don't trust my other son, for whatever reason. I don't like when Christman or the holidays come around.
You are young, stay focused for now, and when you get to be 18 years you can meet your cousin and renew yur relationship again.

I will say a prayer for you and hope things get better for you

im just sad about the way i

im just sad about the way i lok the way im fat and im just ugly and i know it i cant do nothing right im not happy but at least i try to be when i sing it helps me a little i just wanna go to sleep...

I am depressed because people

I am depressed because people are always laughing at my name. They think that it was just a joke, but really my parents actually named me that. I want to change it but i respect my parents to much to do so. Please help me.

Do what's best for you

Change your name, If you dont like it that is. I personally would change it though if it was causing me that much emotional pain. If you were able to handle the teasing and just brush it off it would be different but you can't. If your parents refuse to understand that changing your name is protecting you from emotional pain then they don't deserve the level of respect you give them. I've met a few people that are suffering because they want to please their parents and it's completely ridiculous- it's your life, not theirs.

I don't know what to do

I don't know what to do anymore.. :( I've been trying to feel better, i've gotten out of the house more, tried sleeping at night, I've tired making friends.. But it doesn't work.. i just can't let go of the past, and it's killing me.. I've completely lost who i am, and all my ways and I can't figure out why.. The thoughts in my mind are getting worst :( I need help, i feel like one day i'm just going to lose it, and go somewhere and never turning back.. I'm scared....

I have only come across this

I have only come across this website as of today, sitting here and reading everyone's thoughts and problems they are facing or going thru really touches me and its something I can relate to or understand because I have been there myself. You said the key work CAN'T LET GO OF MY PAST, till the day you learn to let go of the past it will eat you up, first step is to LET GO, question is how? if you can't talk to no one can't trust no one there is only one person waiting to hear from you, and its our father in heaven, laugh if you want call me crazy but from experience only a few words to him with your heart and soul, I guarantee you will feel inner peace, he will lighten your path and set you free. Ask and you shall receive, all I ask is to give it a try, really open your heart to him and you will see the difference, Maybe god sent me here today to save you who knows, pls give a go you have nothing to loose

God Bless

I have gotten good at hiding

I have gotten good at hiding behind a fake smile, but does no one really see the pain behind it? I do my best to ignore or hide it by staying busy because trying to cover it up is so much easier than dealing with the pain. No one around me understands, but i feel like no one cares enough to, they don't even care enough to really notice. I hate my life and feel so lost, i don't know what the point is anymore. i don't think i will ever really be happy in life, no one will ever love me in a sincerer way. i feel the weight on my heart,not just emotional but physical, it hurts more than anyone knows. i hate that everyone around me is so happy!! i wounder if they pretend like me, and like me go home and cry till they cant breath and then just lay there because you have no more tears to cry. i cant sleep, my brain wont stop long enough to stop the tears and go to sleep.i cant consintrate or remember what i did two seconds ago. i have felt these feelings and more for about 3 months and it just keeps getting worse. idk what to do or if i should just keep pushing it to the side and it will eventually go away, i need help i know i do i cant stand this feeling much longer...i wanna cry out for help so bad but cant let myself for some reason. im sorry i know it sounds like im rambling, its just ard to keep my thoughts in order.

I feel the exact same

That's exactly how I feel, you are defiantly not rambling. I almost cried reading that. I have just been laying in my bed crying and crying, now I have no tears left. I can't sleep so I decieded to check out the Internet to see if anyone else has gone through this before. I have been feeling like this for months also. How do I get people to care? How do I get better? I don't want to be alone anymore.. I just can't sleep I need answers.

Me too

I'm 13 and I got the exact same feelings about this probably differe reasons but I hate that I have no one who cares enough to notice to

I'm feeling the same as

I'm feeling the same as everyone else here does, so here it goes. I don't want to talk to my parents about this because for one, my mom will tell me that i'm a hypochondriac and second, my dad will be so disappointed in me because i have failed him... again. I cry myself to sleep most nights. I HATE waking up and having to go to school just to force another smile on my face. People are starting to notice more and more that the smile on my face is fake. I'll drift off into a completely different thought while people are talking to me or when i'm doing my school work or even when i'm talking to someone, myself. I have separated myself from ALL of my friends. Even my closest friends i barely talk to now. I don't talk to my family unless i absolutely have to, I usually stay in my room and sit on my bed listening to depressing music and staring at the wall. I have actually found drugs to help. But, i know for a fact that i just can't go down that road. I have suicidal thoughts every day. And no, i'm not exaggerating. I mean EVERY DAY. I don't talk to my best friend about it because she's too busy telling me about how great her life is and how many boys want to have sex with her to stop and listen to how i'm feeling for a change. I wonder what it's like to be gorgeous like her. Long blonde hair, blue eyes, big boobs, huge butt, skinny tummy, tan as fuh. As a matter of fact, i have noticed that my appetite has changed. A lot. I used to eat almost everything in site. Now, i don't eat much. When i'm around my "Friends" i force myself to eat at least the sandwich on my plate at lunch. But tonight, i only had one slice of pizza. And it wasn't like a dominoes pizza. It was a store bought pizza. My mom makes those slices extremely small. I can't sleep very well, i don't sleep at night and i sleep on and off when i get home from school. Sometimes, i begin to believe the smile on my face. Some days at school things will be fine. Then, i get home and my mood completely changes. Other days, it's all just a wreck. I am VERY irritable, and in a lot of pain physically, more often. As of right now, my body aches. and i don't know why. I cut btw. And, i blog about my life too, but it never seems to help. Not even a little bit. I'm falling apart, I don't know how this started and i don't know why i feel like i want to just end it all, but i want this pain inside of me to be gone. I can't take this anymore. I just want to go to be tonight and never wake up again. Help me. Please, Just save me from myself. I don't know how much longer i can live in this painful illness.

I have been physically sick

I have been physically sick for a year now and going back and forth to the hospital as taken a lot out of my life. I was really upset and began cutting. Then i was ok for a while until my boyfriend tried to have sex with me and started doing things i didnt want and i feel like its my fault and like im a slut or something even though i dumped him and told him no. But when i told my best friend shes like "oh" and then i started to cut again this time almost everythiing something little happened and id cry all the time and be sad easily and started to ignore people and have no intrest in anything, i then started to think i was fat and stopped eating and when i did id go and make myself vomit i lost 45 pounds in 3 months and blamed it on being sick im always constipated, i take extra pills now so ill sleep quickly and faster and im always wishing id just disappear or die. I dont feel like anything matters and i make excuses for everything just to be alone. I hate myself and i dont know why, everything is so hard to focus on and im tired of crying everytime i wake up and myself to sleep. Yet i have no friends i can talk to or that even care. Its like im invisable when im with them just getting ignored and pushed off like im not as good as they are. Just because i needed a friend and no one was there for me yet when they needed some one i was always there. Idk if im depressed but i know im not happy with my life and wish id run away from it all or just die. Im tired of pretending im ok and faking a smile just to stop second looks and im tired of having to be this perfect girl when im not perfect and i make mistakes yet no one can except done tying. im done with it all

hey, i just wanted to say

hey, i just wanted to say dont worry alot of people feel like this, im 14 years old and i just got done reading this. It made me feel really bad because it sounds like you feel like noone is there for you, i feel the same way too, i dont no how old you are but if you are young then my suggestion would be DONT commit suicide, and try and start fresh :) you have a long life in head of you! make it worth it, EVERYONE is insecure about somethings. but what keeps me motivated is that i just say WHOcares what other ppl say or think there opinion does not mean shit. just hang inthere girl. :)

I hope you get well soon .

I hope you get well soon . You should talk to your doctor . Stay safe .

It's Thsnkgiving the

It's Thsnkgiving the beginning of the holiday season and I wish it were over. I'm so stressed about bills and gifts for my kids I don't want to let them down. I feel like a failure in everything from life in general to love. I was recently in a relationship with a man for 11 month we connected on every level of a relationship possible first friends who fell in love went on the vacation of a lifetime, numerous people commented on what a great couple we were and that it was nice to see two people so much in love. We both knew it was coming ... Only to come home and have him decide to try and make things work with his estranged wife to see if there was anything there ??? Which I completely understand and respect I only want someone that can give me 100%. The problem is we are still very much in love and connected and talk regularly we just don't say we love each other outloud. we tried for a little over a week to not communicate and move on only to have an extremely empty aching feeling. I've gone on a few dates to distract me but really have no interest. I am a very sexual woman and have no desire to even have any one touch me even as little as holding hands. I could lie in bed 24/7 I've been sick it seems I get everything going around I used to love working out 3-5 times a week and now have no energy to even set foot in the gym. I know I've got some level of depression I cry all the time everything I see or song I hear hits home. I want to run away and hide if I didn't have kids well I just don't know what I would. I don't sleep and when I do I wake numerous times during the night crying or falling back to sleep crying..I've even started having a drink almost every night sometimes as soon as I walk in the door I make one.. I'm always the strong on in the family that everyone turns to their rock I am still faking and laughing things off pretty good until behind closed doors.... Help tired of being strong and holding it together I feel as if I'm going to just fall apart .... I miss my best friend lover and soul mate......

I'm very moody, can't sleep.

I'm very moody, can't sleep. I look at pictures of others and cry because they seem more happy than I am, I'm starting to cry everynight, I'm annoyed relly easily, I'm cutting people out of my life, my sex drive has shot down tremendisly I don't know what to do I dont want to think I'm depressed but.. I am. I just don't know what to do noone to talk to nothing I've never felt so sad in my life please help.

I found my mother dead six

I found my mother dead six months ago and I am 19 and my mother died when she was 46, ever since then I feel like I've completely changed as a person, I'm have all these symptoms listed above, I'm angry or stressed all the time even to my best friends and my gran and I never mean it and I've never was like this before my mother died, I often have suicidal thoughts but the only reason I don't is because I live beside my gran and I try my best too look after her, I also always have really bad aggression, I found out one of my mates had slept with my Mam shortly before she died, ever since I found that out I've been having thoughts about killing people, just anybody too let this anger out, I'm starting too think I'm becoming very fucked up as the days go by, I really want too talk to somebody but I physically can't open up, and I feel it will lead too my suicide.

i usally get depressed. i cut

i usally get depressed. i cut myself sometimes, and other times im just ignoring everything around me. when im depressed i dont eat at all, im never hungry, and i sleep or read a lot. my sisters are usally having fun together but i stand out and never so activities with them. school is also a big problem with me. i try fiting in but its usally hard. sometimes i try to much that i end up getting in to a lot of trouble wich brings me back to being depressed. im sick i need help but i cant get any because my parents dont want me to tell anyone about my problems.
i just wish life was easy

I have all of the listed

I have all of the listed symptoms. I didn't want to admit it, but I think I'm depressed. I feel empty; like my life no longer has meaning. Or maybe it just never did in the first place.

I just cry all the time for

I just cry all the time for absolutley no reason, I hate going to school, to work, I just hate getting out of bed in the morning. I get mad at everyone and everything but i don't even mean it. i don't eat, my family is telling me I'm losing to much weight, I don't sleep and if I do i wake up numerous times during the night. I feel like i have no life and I can't get away from it. The worse thing is, I can't talk to anyone about it, it's not that I physically can't I don't want to. I think that's why i feel I have depression. And I hate it because i can't even help myself by seeing someone about it.

I don't even know you, but I

I don't even know you, but I think you should see some one. Or just tell someone and ask them to find a way to help you. Good luck!

I feel really alone and

I feel really alone and really self-conscious whenever I'm anywhere.. My mind drifts off into all negative thoughts and I can't stop it. I feel really useless, and when people just comment on anything I do I start tearing up ): .. I don't know if I'm depressed but I'm pretty stressed x.x I have too much negative thoughts in my mind I can't think straight and I have trouble paying attention and making decisions. I stayed home 2 days because I was feeling so unwell and my friends are worrying about me.. I can't get out of the dark, deep hole I got trapped in. ):

just reading the previous

just reading the previous posts brings me to tears because I feel that way. I keep saying I am stresses or im just being "moody" but it has not gone away. Some days are okay when I can socialize but then I come home and a feeling of sadness comes through. I just want to be happy like other people are and smile because I cant help but smile not because I force myself to. I dont want to admit I need help and I dont want to put the mental work that I need to train my brain to think differently about myself. It is sad to say I dont want to try. I feel like my boyfriend and my friends do not understand at all. I am sure they are getting fed up with me moping all the time which is hard as well. I also keep saying it is just stress because I started a new job but who knows..just had to type I guess to get it out

I'm currently on my way into

I'm currently on my way into depression, as it was said when i took other online tests to determine whether I'm or am not depressed. It feels like my heart is so heavy its about to fall out of my chest. Sleeping gets difficult too. I tried to get out and enjoy places but then at times when i pause for a moment my mind drifts off into thinking of how happy other people are, even if I'm just staring out into a crowd. My eyes start to swell and tear up. This feeling is very heavy. The ease i get from this heaviness is through normal conversations. If ever you are feeling depressed and reading this, talk to someone anyone about anytime as soon as possible. Trust me, it helps me ease the ache in my chest. Please don't go too far into depression. Then again maybe I'm just saying that to myself. I feel so heavy.

I can't sleep, I feel distant

I can't sleep, I feel distant from everyone, I'm sad all the time and I just cry. I don't want to admit that I'm depressed but I think I am. Usually I can hide it from my family but they've been noticing more lately. I don't want to tell them because they've got enough going on and I don't want to bug them. What should I do? Does anyone else feel this way? :'(

everyone around me always

everyone around me always expects me to do things and be good at everything, or they dont really like me and im kind of the excluded one; im rubbish at school work and nothing ever goes right, im really worthless and all my friends like each other way more than they like me, or pretend to like me but really hate me :(

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