What does it mean to be bipolar?

In bipolar disorder (or manic depressive disorder), as in major depressive disorder, there is a basic disturbance in the background emotional tone we call mood. Unlike people with major depression (or unipolar disorder), bipolar patients have a variable pattern of depressed and manic episodes.

Mania is the opposite of depression: exuberance, exalted mood, rapidity of speech (flight of ideas), expansiveness, grandiosity, hyperactivity, impulsivity, and poor judgment (which can lead to spending sprees). Delusions and hallucinations can occur. Untreated mania can wreak havoc with a person's life because of the great energy devoted to creating all sorts of complications. Bipolar disorder has strong familial tendencies and begins anywhere from childhood (rarely) to age 50 with an average age of onset around 30.

In 1949, Dr. John Cade, an Australian psychiatrist, found lithium to be an effective treatment of mania. In the years that followed, lithium has become the mainstay of treatment for bipolar disorder. A steady regimen of lithium is taken to prevent manic and depressed episodes. Blood levels need to be checked periodically to avoid toxic levels. Sometimes other drugs such as the antiseizure drugs valproic acid and carbamazapine are used. With modern pharmacologic treatment, many bipolar sufferers can live quite normal and productive lives, completely or relatively free of disruptive, whipsawing mood swings.

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I some times get really angry for no apparent reason and start to smash up things.... Maybe I just have anger issues. Then I'm happy again, is this normal?

i am 13 and i think i am probably just a normal teenager, except for the fact i am not to the point where i hate my parents. I am sad all the time and i feel stupid every time i walk into class. I had a concussion last year and ever since i have been in a lot of pain and it is really hard for me to concentrate. I always look for the worst in things and i always put myself down, but i just can't help it, it seems so normal to me.The more i hear about depression the more scared i get. I was bullied by a teacher last year(i have witnesses)she was always putting me down and calling me out in class just to embarrass me. People started making mean "jokes" about me being stupid and sucking at math. And ever since i have been feeling so stupid and am losing motivation. I don't really have any true friends right now, and i usually don't hang out with people during my spare time. I don't really know what to do. I would be at a dance at my school right now but i hate going when no one will talk to me or acknowledge my existence. I feel alone even when people are all around me. My uncle committed suicide and that really scares me to think about. My brother had aspergers, ADHD, and many other issues and i don't want to end up like him. I don't want to worry my parents , but i don't know what else to do. I took all the test i could find online and all of them said that i had a different form of depression. Some categories i qualified for were extremely high. I don't know what to do, i feel fine talking to my guidance counselor on some things but i don't want her to think i'm crazing or jumping to conclusions. The thing is i don't have the highest self esteem so my counselor in almost the only one i talk to, except once in awhile my mom on simple things.

thats exactly wat happened to me but i had o ed to another school and they were great people even though they still made fun of me and at home i was about to kill my parents and i cudnt handle it and i was always depressed and my friends started to notice they tried to help me and they thought they did. i said everything was fine but that was a horrible mistake. my life wud hav ended if it wasnt for my friends. and people can be really fukn annoying and assholes u just need to ignore them and focus on gettr bettr

i was born with bipolar disorder and was forced to use medicine such as lithium for years until i finally quit taking the junk and pulled myself under control now i am in control without medicine.

whats a short definision

A mental disorder which can cause suicidal thoughts and or hurtful actions to tour own body.

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